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    Is it OK to Sleep with a Hair System?

    This is a very common question among our first-time buyers. Such is the practicality and realism of hair systems these days (especially if you buy from the right company) that many are surprised at just what you can do whilst wearing a hair system. Considering we may spend eight hours a day sleeping, it is important to know whether you can sleep with a hair system and that is what this blog will address.


    Can I wear a hair system during sleep? 


    Yes! There’s your answer straight away! This is especially true if you are wearing a high-quality hair system designed and supplied by Lordhair. However, the fact is that your hair system will probably last longer if you do not sleep in it but no one really wants to go through the hassle of removing it every night and then reattaching it the next morning. Plus, it could also be a giveaway that you are wearing a hair system if you are not sleeping at home.


    That said, there are a few steps you could take when you sleep in a hair system


    Sleeping with hair system


    Sleeping with a hair system


    Choose the right pillow


    Your pillow choice may seem like a mundane choice but it will actually make the biggest difference to the well-being of your hairpiece. Most of us use cotton or polyester cushions which can actually be very damaging for hair and hair systems. When your head rubs against a cotton pillow there is a buildup of excess friction and your hair and hair can get pulled in different directions. That's why we would recommend using a silk or satin pillow if you are going to be sleeping in a hairpiece. The smooth surface of the silk pillow helps reduce the friction against the hair of your hair system resulting in less hair loss and less movement of your hair system. 


    Sleeping with hair system


    Sleep-friendly room


    This point is more about good sleep habits in general but the better you sleep, the less you will toss and turn during the night and the less pressure there will be on your hair system.


    First of all, get into good habits and make your bedroom a place for sleeping. Don’t use it as a place to watch TV or play on your phone. You want it to be easy as possible for you to fall asleep so you do not want your brain to be stimulated by any bright lights from electronic screens. Secondly, think about your mattress. Make sure you have the mattress that ensures optimal sleep for you. Finally, this is more of an issue during summer or in warmer climates but think about the temperature of your bedroom. You do not want to be too hot when you try and go to sleep.


    Sleeping with hair system


    Check out these summer hair systems that will help you keep it cool while sleeping! 


    Secure your hair system


    You want a secure-fitting hair system at all times but a loose hairpiece will move around your head when you are sleeping. You will quickly notice a lose hairpiece when you are trying to get to sleep. So, always check that your hair system is completely secure before going to sleep. If you use clips to secure your hair system, adding more clips will help you keep it fixed in place during the night.


    For those of you who use tape, we stock tape such as Ultra Hold Tape and Extenda-Bond Plus Tape. Both are extremely popular for their strength and reliability. They are designed to be long-lasting bonds so you will be able to rest easy with these types of tape.



    Buy a top hair system and bear all of the above in mind and you will have complete peace of mind as far as sleeping in your hair system is concerned.


    Got any queries related to hair systems? Send them to us at suppport@lordhair.com and have them answered by our experts!

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