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    Styling a Hair System

    Once you have fit your hair system onto your head and cut it, you of course do not want to walk around with it looking out of place, flat or dull. You need to brush and style your hair into place so your hair can help you look your best self.


    This help guide will take you through the different methods used to style your hair system, how you can style a hair system and how to protect your hair system when styling it.


    In Brief: Mini Hair System Style Guide

    The most basic of styling that you can carry out on your hair system involves washing it, combining it and an occasional blow dry. Let’s talk through the simplest of styling if you want a no-fuss hair system for everyday and don’t want to spend too much time on styling your toupee.


    The basics of styling a men’s hair system:

    • ● Combing your toupee pre-wash
    • ● Washing the toupee
    • ● Air drying the toupee
    • ● Combing the toupee
    • ● Blow drying the toupee to shape
    • ● Using leave-in conditioner on the toupee

    Comb your toupee pre-wash, to get rid of the tangles that have appeared throughout the day or night and make it easier to comb once wet and hence style one washed.


    Wash your toupee in warm, but not hot water to avoid excess heat on the hair system. Use soft hands to wash away the oils.


    Air drying the toupee is important to minimize damage. You should let it air dry 60-90% before using a hair dryer to reduce exposure to heat, as it ultimately dries out hairs faster. Try to let it dry to 100% where possible, for example if you are not going out and your hair system doesn’t need to look perfectly groomed.


    Combing the toupee - the question is before or after drying the toupee? In other words, should your toupee hairpiece be WET or DRY when you comb it? Lordhair advises that you can comb your hair system when wet, using a wide-toothed comb, after conditioning well. You can brush it when submerged in water and after you have come out of the shower. However, you must not pull strenuously on the toupee hairpiece as that is what will cause the damage.


    Blow dry the toupee to shape if you want to achieve a perfect bounce and lift to your hair that is so iconic of a good hair system, then you should let your hair system dry as much as possible and use a high-speed blow dryer on a LOW heat setting. Using a round comb brush, brush your hair up and allow your hair dryer to blow air into the hair brush, then using that air comb the hair out into the direction you want hair to sit.

    Blow dry the toupee to shape


    Use leave-in conditioner in the final step. This will add moisture back into your toupee. Normal hair gets extra moisture from your head oils, aka sebum. However toupee hair can tend to get dry quicker because hair is not attached to your scalp which creates natural oil, so there is no way to add moisture back in, unless you use a product such as a leave-in conditioner for hair systems.


    Hair System Haircuts

    When it comes to styling, the most important thing is picking a haircut you like. You need to think about the following?


    • ● How do I want my hair system haircut to be?
    • ● How do I need to cut my own (aka bio) hair to accommodate my hair system?
    • ● Where will I get it cut - by Lordhair, at a salon, or by myself?

    Hair system haircuts


    Lordhair’s Hair System Haircut Service

    Lordhair cuts and styles hair systems before they arrive so they are ready to put on your head from day 1. Before you receive your hair system you can choose to get the toupee cut itself so it is ready to put straight on your head once you receive it - you don’t even need to leave your home.

    Advantages and disadvantages of getting a hair system haircut



    Lordhair Cut&Style Service

    Cutting at a Salon

    Cutting by Yourself at 


    Professionalism of cut

    Expertly cut

    Expertly cut

    Not professional

    Requirement to leave the house

    No need to leave the house to get cut

    Need to leave the house to get cut

    No need to leave the house to get cut

    Ease of process

    No fuss - you don’t need to leave the house, or take time to cut yourself - pick a hairstyle and voila!

    Hair cutting takes time and it is done one the piece is on the head

    Mess and extra time taken due to cutting a hair system at home

    Blend with natural hair

    Your own hair will need to be cut if too long - by you or a salon

    Salon blends hair perfectly with bio hair

    Difficult create a hair system/bio hair blend at the back of the head










    Lordhair has dozens of haircuts for hair systems to choose from. Let’s have a look at the haircuts by Lordhair that you can pick to style your hair system. 


    Lordhair Men’s Haircuts: Cut & Style Service

    Men’s Side-Swept Bangs With Layers 

    Men’s Side-Swept Bangs With Layers


    This men’s hair system hair style is a slightly longer hair style with bangs that are swept to the side. It is especially popular amongst Asians and Caucasian men going for that indie hairstyle.

    #men’s long hair #kpop haircut #indie haircut


    The David Beckham Hair Style Circa 2000

    The David Beckham Hair Style Circa 2000

    This hairstyle emulates the ultra-famous and iconic David Beck haircut back in his heyday. It still looks great today and can be pulled off easily by choosing the LD043 hairstyle on the product page of your choice, and you can be ready to rock this hairstyle as soon as it arrives in the box.


    #David Beckham haircut #front quiff haircut

    Lordhair hair systems that come with our Cut & Style service are cut by our expert stylists with many having over 15 years experience in cutting and styling hair. We have a number of videos showing you just how hair is cut before it is sent out to you!


    How Lordhair Cuts Hair Systems




    View all of the haircuts available with the Lordhair haircut & style service

    Hair system haircuts and bio hair length

    Certain haircuts require your own, natural hair (aka bio hair) to be of a certain length in order to blend well and look natural. Otherwise, your hair system may look fake and defeat the object of wearing a toupee hair system.


    Here are the haircuts that require your hair to be slightly longer and the required measurements.

    Hair system haircuts and bio hair length


    Choosing your own haircut length

    What if you want to choose the length of your hair cut? Easy! You simply need to choose the options when you place your order (more information on how to actually choose the length below).


    This is a list of each Lordhair haircut and the corresponding haircut lengths for each section of the hair. You may want to create a similar hairstyle and slightly adjust the lengths. Use the references below to get your haircut lengths.




    How to get a Lordhair cut & styled hair system

    It’s easy! Follow the steps below depending on whether you are choosing a ready-to-wear, preset or custom hair system.


    How-to: Hair System Haircuts for Ready-to-wear Toupees

    Choose your base, then hairstyle

    Step 1: Select your desired hair system from the ready-to-wear products

    Step 2: Under the shopping options you will choose hair color, etc. You can also choose your haircut. 

                 choose your haircut

    Step 3: Select from the options and follow the screen to choose the hairstyle or length

    • ● Choose your hairstyle: choose from a number of preset hairstyles, click on the pictures of hairstyles we have ready for you and we’ll cut your hair system as the picture.
    • ● I want to order my length: You can select the length of each section of the head. This may be useful if you have specific requirements.order my length
    • ● I’ll send an email to Lordhair: you can send an email to support@lordhair.com, make sure to quote the PO order number along with your email so the correct hair system can be identified and cut.
    • ● Upload hairstyle images you want: Through the order portal, you can upload a picture of the hairstyle you wish to have and we will cut it exactly how you want it. In order to cut accurately and precisely, it is recommended to upload pictures of several different angles.

    Choose your hairstyle first, then base

    Step 1: Hover over the ready-to-wear hair systems option on Lordhair.com 

    Step 2: Hover over ‘Choose by Hairstyle’

    Choose by Hairstyle

    Step 3: Select a hairstyle from the selection that pops up and continue to the order screen to select your hair color and other options


    How-to: Hair System Haircuts for Preset and Custom Toupees

    Choose your base, then choose your hairstyle

    Step 1: Navigate to the preset base designs section under the preset hair systems. This essentially means that you are choosing a base that is ready, you simply need to choose your custom hair options, such as hair density, color, gray options etc. You then choose the hairstyle after you have finished other customizing options.

    Step 2: Choose the base you wish to wear and ‘Customize Now’

    Step 3: Go through the various customization options until you come to haircut. Then select from the options and follow the screen to choose the hairstyle or length

    • ● Choose your hairstyle: choose from a number of preset hairstyles, click on the pictures of hairstyles we have ready for you and we’ll cut your hair system as per the picture.
    • ● I want to order my length: You can select the length of each section of the head. This may be useful if you have specific requirements.
    • ● I’ll send an email to Lordhair: you can send an email to support@lordhair.com, make sure to quote the PO order number along with your email so the correct hair system can be identified and cut.
    • ● Upload hairstyle images you want: Through the order portal, you can upload a picture of the hairstyle you wish to have and we will cut it exactly how you want it. In order to cut accurately and precisely, it is recommended to upload pictures of several different angles.

    Choose your hairstyle, then choose your base

    Step 1: Navigate to Preset Hairstyle under the Preset option on Lordhair.com. This essentially means that you have chosen your hairstyle and you simply need to choose from one of our pre-designed, preset bases to go in and design your custom hair onto it. Afterwards, you do not need to choose a hairstyle, you’ve already chosen it. What’s more, once you choose your hairstyle, you’ll only be able to choose bases that can be worn with that hairstyle (some hairstyles don’t suit certain bases as they will look unnatural).

    Preset bases

    Step 2: ‘Customize Now’

    Step 3: Follow the screen instructions to create your customizations and simply check out - we will cut your hairstyle according to the hair system hairstyle you have chosen.


    Check out our video about how to choose a cut & style and order your hairstyle or length



    Getting a Salon Cut

    If you want to put your hair system in the hands of a professional to cut both your hair and your system, you can go to a hair salon. 


    You will want to make sure you’re clear on what services you need from your salon, and if your salon can do all, or part of the services required.


    • ● Hair system fitting at a salon
    • ● Hair system cut and style

    Hair system cut and style


    What to note when deciding on what to get done at a salon:


    • ● Some salons will require you to get a fitting to get it cut & styled with them.
    • ● Some salons that are not trained in hair systems may be able to cut your system if you have fitted it yourself - you should ask your salon if this is possible.
    • ● Lordhair has a number of hair system partner salons throughout the world, which can help in fitting and styling hair systems.


    Where to Find a Salon for Non-surgical Hair Replacement Fittings?

    If you want to purchase your hair system from www.lordhair.com you can take it to any trained hair system salon. Lordhair works with dozens of stylists fully-trained in non-surgical hair replacement around the world. There may just be a Lordhair vetted salon near you for a fitting and style.


    • ● Purchase a hair system at lordhair.com
    • ● Contact your personal customer service account holder with your PO number for details of a Lordhair accredited salon in your area
    • ● Book in directly with the salon


    Ask us today about Lordhair hair replacement salons near you.


    What if there is no Lordhair hair replacement salon near me?

    Not to worry! Hair replacement fittings are a Google away. Lordhair is unable to give out any recommendations of salons that have not been vetted by us, but that doesn’t mean there are not any in your area. We advise you to ring up around your local area to see which salons might be able to fit your toupee.


    If you can fit it yourself, you may simply need a haircut to blend it in with your natural hair. If that is the case, you would likely be able to go to any salon once you’ve attached your toupee hairpiece to your head.

    I am a salon and want to partner with Lordhair

    If you are a salon and want to work with Lordhair, get in touch today to register your interest.

    Salon work with Lordhair

    Men’s Haircuts: A Dictionary

    When it comes to men’s haircuts, there are dozens to choose from. With a Lordhair toupee, it doesn’t matter how long or how short and sparse your hair grows, you can create any hairstyle you want with real human hair.

    Therefore you can pick and change up your hairstyle as often as you want. Check out our video below to find out what sort of haircuts are best suited to you, based on your face shape, presented by celebrity hairstylist Aaron O-bryan.



    Below is a list of men’s haircuts with images, and the corresponding Lordhair haircut code. If you are going to a salon to get hair replacement fitted, you can simply bring a few pictures along to show your styling.


    Buzz Cut Men’s Haircut

    A buzz men’s haircut is essentially a haircut that is super short and emulates the army style of haircut. They actually come in a range of variations, including cut that taper and fade out at the bottom, but they are all primarily very short.


    Buzz cuts that would work with a hair system are those that are ever so slightly longer at the top and short at the sides with a fade, such as the disconnected buzz cut.


    Lordhair doesn’t have a preset buzz cut hairstyle. You can send pictures of this cut to achieve this look.

    Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

    The men’s pompadour haircut, also known as a pomp hairstyle for men, features a very long fringe that is swept back to create a long arch at the front of the hair which goes flat again at the crown. The pomp at the front is usually held in place with hairspray so it doesn’t budge and retains its volume. It is a classic 1950’s style that looks just as slick as back then.

    Pompadour Hairstyle for Men

    To achieve a pompadour hairstyle for men choose style LD065


    Crew Cut Hairstyle

    Crew Cut Hairstyle

    @barbersandbrews/ Instagram

    A crew cut haircut for men is a hairstyle which is rising in a graduated fashion to the front of the hairline to a very short pompadour which is pointed upwards, almost toward the sky.


    To achieve a crew cut hairstyle for men choose style LD051 or LD026

    A Side Part Haircut for Men

    The ultimate dapper haircut for men. It can’t help but add a level of elegance to any man with a side part, especially when slicked back with gel.

    If you want to achieve a Benedict Cumberbatch haircut or a Henry Cavill hairstyle, then try the side swept haircut with some curls in it.

    A Side Part Haircut for Men

    To achieve a side part haircut hairstyle for men choose style LD054

    Man Bun Hairstyle

    A man bun haircut is essentially long hair that has been tied up into a bun. The hair is long and can also be achieved with a women’s wig. Man bun styles are often used interchangeably with a top knot hairstyle. A top knot haircut can be a type of man ban, but not all man bun hairstyles are top knots. Read below to find out what a top knot haircut is.


    Lordhair doesn’t have a man bun hairstyle. You will need to customize a full cap wig and send pictures of this cut to achieve this look.

    Top Knot Hairstyle


    A top knot haircut is a style which is long on the top, so long as to be able to tie the hair into a ponytail or a bun. The hair under the crown area is cut short. This top knot hairstyle is not only a popular hipster hairstyle but is also popular with most modern men. It pairs especially well with a beard.


    It is often used interchangeably with a man bun haircut. It is actually a type of man bun, one that has the bottom part of the hair shaved short. A man bun could be made from a full cap long hair wig, where every hair is long, including the nape of the neck.

    Top Knot Hairstyle

    Source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-bearded-man-wearing-a-sweater-and-denim-pants-8121629/ 


    Lordhair doesn’t have a preset top knot hairstyle. You will need to customize a full cap wig and send pictures of this cut to achieve this look.

    French Crop Men’s Hairstyle

    A men’s French crop haircut is a hairstyle which has a shorter back and sides, with a longer fringe at the front which hangs over the forehead, or can be slightly swept to the side. It is almost the perfect cut for a toupee and toupees allow you to get a lot of hair and volume at the top of the head.

    French Crop Men’s Hairstyle

    To achieve a side part haircut hairstyle for men choose style LD057

    Fade Haircut for Men

    A men’s fade haircut will only work if you still retain enough hair on the sides and near the crown area, as you need some bio hair to help create a good fade.

    Fade Haircut for Men 

    Lordhair client Juha in his hair system with a hair fade

    A fade haircut is essentially where the hair at the back and sides has been cut in a way so it has a super smooth transition to the nape that is clean shaven. It creates an ultra-sleek, young and modern appearance which is especially popular amongst 20-30 year olds.


    To achieve a skin fade haircut hairstyle for men you can choose any short top hairstyle you like, the sides will need to be faded by a hairdresser with a special fade razor, and needs to be done on your bio hair, not your Lordhair hair system.

     Haircut with a fade

    Haircut with a fade, ready to put a hair system on


    Brushing or Combing a Hair System for Men

    Brushing the knots out of your hair system is important, not just so it looks neat and tidy, but to protect it from the damage leaving knots does to your hair. In this section we discuss how best to brush a hair system for men, and it can equally be applied to brushing women’s wigs.


    Tips for brushing a wig or combing a toupee


    • ● Brush and detangle hair before washing it 
    • ● Use a wide toothed comb to brush through hair
    • ● If your hair is on your head, wet it and comb it in the same direction
    • ● If you come across a large knot that looks impossible to get out, you may prefer to snip it out

    How to Detangle a Wig or Toupee

    If you have a hair system that has been damaged, or majorly dry and tangled, have no fear, it can be untangled. You just need patience and a steady hand. Watch our video below on how to detangle a hair system.


    Detangle a Hair System


    Quick method

    1. ● Wet your hair
    2. ● Use a wide toothed comb, starting from the bottom brush in downwards stokes, and work your way up until you can brush seamlessly through the whole hair root to tip
    3. ● Brush in a downward direction, to keep hair in the same direction
    4. ● Put hair conditioner on the hair and leave it on for 10 minutes before washing out with lukewarm (not hot) water
    5. ● Repeat as necessary if hair is majorly tangled
    6. ● Wash out conditioner for a final time and go back in with normal shampoo, then conditioner one more time
    7. ● Brush hair and leave to air dry


    Prevent Hair Systems Tangling

    The best way to make sure a hair system stays easy to brush and maintain, is to prevent tangles in the first place. What is the best way to do this? Read on to discover our top tips.


    The problem

    The solution

    Not washing dirt out of a toupee

    Deep clean your hair system (by deep conditioning) every 1-2 weeks to get rid of residues and dirt that build up.

    Not brushing/incorrectly brushing a hair system

    Small tangles in a hair system can lead to bigger ones if you leave them, or brush them with too small a comb. Use a wide toothed comb when brushing everyday to prevent tangles getting large.

    Hard water

    In areas where there is hard water hair systems are more prone to tangling. If you live in mountainous areas, or by the sea, water can be hard.

    Cold and dry air

    Cold and dry air can make a hair system frizzy and prone to tangling. Putting a small dab of hair oil at the ends will help to keep it dry-free and frizz-free, making the toupee easier to untangle. Too not use too much oil, it will become frizzy. One drop is enough.

    Unsatisfactory cuticle removal

    If the cuticle were not satisfactorily removed during processing, it may cause hair to tangle. To make human hair smooth and manageable, during the processing of hair, before knotting onto a base, the cuticles are removed. If this is not done satisfactorily, this may cause evident issues with constant tangling of hair. During production hair is submerged in a cuticle removing solution, so it is very unlikely that cuticles will not have been removed. If this is the case, it is possible to diagnose this issue by careful examination.

    Styling products

    Styling a hair system can be done in many ways, according to your preference, you can create whichever style you want for your toupee hair system. 


    The main products you will need to style a hair system:


    • ● Hair dryer
    • ● Ventilation comb
    • ● Curlers
    • ● Straighteners
    • ● Hair spray
    • ● Wax/leave-in conditioners


    Hair Drying a Hair System for Men

    Skip to our section here 【anchor#1】 to learn to hair dry your hair system for men.


    Curling a Hair System

    Curling a hair system can help you create temporary curls that last until the next time you wash your hair system. Let’s look at how to curl a men’s toupee.


    If you want longer lasting curls, consider getting a permed hair system, or choose any Lordhair hair system and get it permed with our perm service. We also have a range of ready permed Afro hair systems AKA man weaves.


    What you’ll need:

    • ● Heat protectant spray
    • ● Curling tongs (it is recommended to get good quality tongs, such as GHDs)
    • ● Wide toothed comb


    How to curl your hair system:

    1. ● Make sure your hair system is fully dry before attempting to curl it
    2. ● Preheat your curling tongs
    3. ● Take 1-2 inches of hair at a time and wrap around your curling tongs
    4. ● Leave hair in the curlers for around 10 seconds before loosening the grip of the curlers and taking them out
    5. ● Continue until you have curled each section of the head
    6. ● Once complete, for a longer-lasting and curlier look, set the hair system with hair spray. For a more relaxed curl look, use your hands to ruffle the curls out slightly. Do not use a brush as this will simply undo the curls or make them look frizzy. You can run a tiny amount of moroccan oil through the ends to help it stay, and add moisture whilst adding some shine too.

    Lordhair Perm Service hair curl options

    Lordhair Perm Service


    Straightening Your Toupee Hair System

    It is likely you will ever really need to straighten your hair system, and it isn’t advisable to make a habit of it because of the heat involved. However, let's look at how to straighten a men’s toupee:

    What you’ll need:

    • ● Hair straighteners
    • ● Heat protectant
    • ● Wide toothed comb

    How to Straighten a Men’s Hair System

    1. ● Ensure your hair system is fully dry and oil free, you may need to blow dry it if you have just washed it
    2. ● Brush through the hair so it is tangle free, use a wide-toothed comb
    3. ● Take small strips of your hair (1-2 inches) and run the straightening tool from root to tip applying pressure
    4. ● Use a smooth, quick motion avoiding using the heat on the hair for too long
    5. ● Each strip of hair should only need to be straightened once to achieve the desired effect 
    6. ● You can adjust the direction of your fringe/bangs with your straightener too
    7. ● Once you’ve completed all strips of hair, you can brush through the hair system again


    This straight style will last until the next time you wash it. Straightening your hair can also reduce the frizz and make your hair system look smoother.

    You can finish off with a tiny bit of Moroccan oil at the ends or a leave-in conditioner to add some moisture back in.

    Perming a Hair System

    If you have naturally curly hair, or have Afro hair, or if you simply want to give yourself curly hair, you totally can do that by letting us perm any hair system you wish on our website. You can simply choose a hair system, select the Perm Service, from the list of options in the sidebar of the product page. You can then select the level of perm you desire.

    Perming a Hair System

    Perming a Hair System


    What is a perm?

    A perm is a chemical process that makes strands of hair take on a different shape when dry. A solution is essentially put into the hair, the hair is then put in a certain shape whilst soaked with the solution. The solution is then washed away and dried, and hair, once dry, will naturally retain the shape it was set in.


    As human hair wigs don’t actually grow out, like a perm put into your own hair would, they last for the entire life of the wig itself, meaning you never have to re-perm it. 


    Take a look at how we perm hair systems:


    How to Get a Permed Wig?


    For more information on how to order a Lordhair permed wig you can check out the article and learn about the hair system curl and wave options

    For custom hairpieces and preset hair systems


    If you are ordering a custom hair system or a preset base hair system, you can easily select the perm you want from the Curl and Wave option on the customize portal. You can see a preview of how the curl or wave will appear.


    Men and women’s perms on hair systems are slightly different and you can select the perm type you would like, whether you are a man or woman. For example you can choose a women’s style perm on your men’s hair system.


    custom hairpieces and preset hair systems

    The video below breaks down the different types of curl you can choose for your toupee hair system with Lordhair and includes a number of tips on ordering a perm system.


    Choosing curl & wave options when ordering a custom hair system


    For ready-to-wear hair systems


    Perms can be applied to virtually any hair system. It is possible to perm any hair system you like in the Lordhair Ready-to-Wear systems category, as part of an add-on service.


    How to select a perm service on your hair system:


    1. ● Locate your desired hair system under Ready-to-Wear men’s hair systems on the Lordhair website.
    2. ● In the sidebar, scroll along to ‘Perm Service’ and choose Perm Service.
    3. ● A pop-up will appear, allowing you to choose the curl type you want.
    4. ● Click on the curl you want your hair to be permed to and select Confirm.

    How to select a perm service


    NOTE: Hair length is the length of the strand once the hair is pulled taught. A super curly Afro hair length of three inches when curled will need hair that is much longer than three inches in length when measured by its actual length. On the Lordhair website, hair length is only the length of hair when pulled taught.


    *Men's Curl and Wave Options

    Here is a full breakdown and explanation of the different curl types you can find when choosing a perm.


    • ● Silky straight
      Absolutely straight as a pencil. This is not a logical choice for 99% of all men's hair styles because it will stick straight out if it is not long enough to create the weight to make it lay natural.
      Silky straight
    • ● Natural straight
      40mm rod size, it's not as straight as silky straight. If you like straight hair but not a very straight effect, then go for natural straight.
      Natural straight
    • ● Body wave (36mm)
      A 6” stock hairpiece with a 1-1/2 inch rod size will come up to approximately 3 inch waves. This very light bend will definitely not work well for a brush back style. When it is cut short, it will appear very straight.
      Body wave
    • ● Slight wave (32mm)
      6” hair with a 1 inch rod size will generate approximately a 2 inch wave, light movement or body will remain. When this is cut 2-1/2 inches or shorter it will appear to be almost straight. Any wave curl less than this will not have body.
      Slight wave
    • ● Medium wave (25mm)
      6” hair with a 7/8 inch rod size will become approximately a 1-3/4 inch wave. This will be a light wave and is the most common wave used for the majority of styles. When this is cut two inches or shorter there will only be light movement remaining.
      Medium wave
    • ● Tight wave (19mm)
      3/4 inch rod size will become approximately a 1-1/2 inch wave. Remember, if this is cut shorter than two inches most of the curl is cut out. This can also be a wave or curl depending on the direction it dries. Wet it and scrunch into a curl or comb flatten into a wave.
      Tight wave
    • ● Loose curl (15mm)
      5/8 inch rod size will become approximately 1-1/4 inch curl. Remember, if this is cut shorter than two inches most of the curl is cut out. This can also be a wave or curl depending on the direction it dries. Wet it and scrunch into a curl or comb flatten into a wave.
      Loose curl
    • ● Tight curl (10mm)
      3/8 inch rod size is curly and will become a 3/4 inch curl, approximately the size of your thumb. This can be wave or curl depending on the way it dries. Wet it and scrunch into a curl or comb flatten into a wave.
      Tight curl
    • ● Extra-loose afro (8mm)
      3/10 inch rod size is an extra loose afro curl and will become a 3/5 inch curl, it gives a fluffy afro look.
      Extra-loose afro
    • ● Loose afro (6mm)
      1/4 inch rod size is a loose afro and will open to 1/2 inch curl, it’s between extra-loose afro and medium afro.
      Loose afro
    • ● Medium afro (4mm)
      3/16 inch rod size is a slightly looser afro kink-curl and will open to 1/4 inch curl. This curl is also true to rod size.
      Medium afro


    Hair System Perm Limitations

    “It Wont Let Me Order a Hair System Perm”

    If you find that you are trying to add the perm service to your order, but the portal will not let you, it may be because the base is too thin to support a tight perm, or the hair color will not be strong enough to take the perm.


    Check out the graphic below to see the limitations when choosing a certain base, hair color and perm type for your men’s hair system.

    Hair System Perm Limitations


    What does a perm look like?

    Check out a Lordhair system wearer in his curly permed hair toupee:


    Lordhair system


    Drying a Hair System for Men【anchor#1】


    After washing your toupee, you can set a style using a hair dryer. However you will not want to go in straight with a hair dryer on your toupee after washing it. 


    What you'll need to dry a hair system:

    • ● Towel
    • ● Wide toothed comb
    • ● Hair dryer (on a low setting)
    • ● Detangling spray


    How to dry your hair system


    1. ● Start by washing and conditioning your hair thoroughly and ensuring no first residue is left
    2. ● Brush your wet hair with a wide tooth comb
    3. ● Spritz some detangling spray or heat protectant if necessary
    4. ● Start at your hairline and blow dry the front of your hair. Brush your hair with the hair brush placed over the hair and curl it backwards (as in the picture below). This will create that perfect brushback look, and add extra volume
    5. ● Continue to use the hair dryer and ventilation comb through the rest of the hair. At the back of the head you may want to use the brush underneath the hair (with the hair coming in over the top), to blow extra volume at the back
    6. ● Once the hair system is really dry, you can ruffle it up with your hands to make it look softer

    ruffle it up with your hands

    Check out celebrity hair stylist Aaron O’Bryan showing you how to blow dry your hair system and style it

    Troubleshoot Problems When Styling a Hair System


    Are you having difficulties styling your hair system, or keeping your hair system healthy when styling? Follow our guide on the top ways to solve any issues you have when styling a hair system.


    I Have a Dry Hair System

    If hair is dry, try to follow these troubleshoot options:

    • ● Use less heat.
    • ● Let your system air dry longer.
    • ● Add leave-in conditioner to the ends.
    • ● Deep condition every week (leave on conditioner for 10-20 minutes before washing out).


    My Hair System Won’t Keep It’s Style

    If you create a hair system hairstyle but find it goes flat or doesn’t hold, try the following:

    • ● Set the ends with hair spray (a little goes a long way, don’t buy cheap).
    • ● Don’t use an injected hair system if you want bouncy hair (injected systems are flat).
    • ● Consider a permanent perm with the Lordhair Perm Service.


    My Hair System Has Flyaways

    If your hair system has flyaways, it may be too dry. Try the following: 

    • ● Add a TINY drop of oil to the ends (rub one drop in the palm of the hands before smoothing over the hair).


    My Hair System is Tangling

    If your hair system is tangling, then check out the tips below. Read more about hair system tangling if the issue persists.

    • ● Use detangle spray after towel-drying, before styling
    • ● Deep condition once per week (create a mask by putting conditioner on ends for 10-20 minutes)
    • ● Use a Tangle Teaser to brush the hair

    Bad Toupee: Why Your Hair System Looks Bad

    If styled wrong, your hair system will look fake and give your game away. Here are some tips to avoid a bad toupee look and get your A-game on with your hair system.


    • ● Pick the right hair system in terms of color and density
    • ● Brush the hair to keep it neat
    • ● Cut the hair so it blends with bio (your own natural) hair
    • ● Go for a natural style according to your ethnicity (an Afro may not look so good on Caucasian skin and vice versa)

    Afro Hair Systems: How To Style Man Weaves

    Afro men’s hair systems are commonly referred to as man weaves, and are men’s hair systems (aka men’s toupees) that are made with Afro hair (or hair that have been permed into Afro hair). Styling on an Afro men’s toupee, or man weave, may be slightly different to the advice given above, as Afro hair is often styled differently to non-black hairstyles.

    Learn about all our Afro hair systems and man weaves by watching this video where Afro hair system expert Mario from Lordhair talks you through different Lordhair Afro hair systems.



    Man Weave with Braids

    You can even create braids with a man weave, you’ll first want to attach the Afro hair system before attempting braiding. However, once on, you can take it to a salon to get it braided. The possibilities are literally endless.

    Man Weave with Braids


    Natural Afro Hair Hair Systems

    Going Au Naturel has had a major revival amongst women with Afro hair in the black community. Why not with men too? A full-bodied Afro is available instantly with Lordhair. It’ll arrive in perfect condition direct to you in 7-10 days and be ready to attach straight away. Replacing it every 2-4 months means, although you need to look after it whilst on your head, a non-surgical Afro hairpiece will actually require less work than that. Afro hair needs much more TLC than Causasian or Asian hair if wearing it in a natural style. That is the reason why many black people opt for protective styles. 

    Most Afro hair styles on the Lordhair.com website are too long to wear naturally, but they can easily be shaved down, just take it to your barber that knows how to deal with Afro hair to get it styled up.

    Check out our Afro Champion, French Lace with Afro hair in the video below or buy the Afro Champion now!