Custom Lace Frontal


Custom Lace Frontal Toupee for Receding Hairlines

Custom Lace Frontal Hairpiece - Best for:

  • Covering a receding hairline,
  • Being breathable and doing sport
  • Designing your own hair color/curl/density/length
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This is a custom-made product as an example, all the specifications can be customized as per your own needs. Below are the specifications of the product shown in the pictures for your reference. 

Base Design Full French Lace
Base Size 6''x2''
Base Material Color Fresh
Front Contour  Standard Shape
Colors Available # 1, #1A, # 1B, # 2, # 3, # 4, # 5, # 6, # 7, # 7ASH, # 18
Hair Length 6"
Hair Density Medium-light to Medium (110%)
Hair Type 100% human hair 
Curl & Wave 30mm
Hair Direction Freestyle

The Custom Lace Frontal is everything you love in the Champion-F, but it is the custom version, meaning you can choose to design the exact hair you want. Curly locks? No problem! A few grays? No problem! Long hair? No problem! You can choose the exact color, curl, density and length in this French lace toupee.

Who is this French lace frontal toupee for?

  • Receding hairlines

This French lace hairpiece is perfect for men who are only starting to bald and has hair loss at the front on their scalp, where the hairline is receding.

  • Sporty men

The Front lace toupee is made from French lace, which is known for providing a comfortable experience when  

This French lace frontal toupee is made from breathable and comfy French lace, allowing you to have a natural front hairline, whether you choose a fringe or a brushback. Your hair, your choice! With a custom Lace front toupee for receding hairlines, you can pick any length, you can dye it any color, with any percentage of gray, and you can choose the curl and density.

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