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Custom Integration Wig for Women with Small Holes

Women’s integration wig for ladies with thinning hair, with small hole PN integration and PE line integration at the back.

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This is a custom-made product as an example, all the specifications can be customized as per your own needs. Below are the specifications of the product shown in the pictures for your reference. 

Base Construction PE line and PN line
Base Size 13cm x 17cm
Hair Color #4
Hair Type 100% Chinese Remy Human Hair
Hair Length 10 inches
Hair Density Medium
Hair Direction Freestyle
 Curl and Wave 36mm

Designed for women who have thinning hair. 

If you are experiencing thinning crown hair, an integrated women’s wig is perfect for you. Integration wigs stay on semi-permanently, meaning you once you install, you wear whilst sleeping and bathing for 1-3 months. Then you can re-use it and get it deep cleaned and refitted. Human hair if taken care of well can last over a year, making this hair integration replacement system perfect for you!

This is a custom hair integration replacement system, meaning you design your own hair onto this preset base.

Do you want ultra-long hair?

Do you need an integration wig with tight curls?

Do you want a hair integration replacement system with blonde highlights?

No problem! Design hair from scratch.

The base is made from PE line integration at the back – the most desired type of integration for the back of the head. The front of the integration wig for women is made from PN line integration, which is made of a fiber with smaller holes, for an incredibly snuff fit, molding completely to the scalp.

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