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  • Order a new hair system
  • order a new hair system
  • order a new hair system
  • Order a new hair system
  • order a new hair system
  • order a new hair system

Order a New Hair System

Product Code: Custom a new system

Getting a custom hair system that can perfectly fulfill your own requirements and expectations is never a dream at Lordhair. It is just as simple as clicking the "customize now" button to proceed!

Regular Price: US$270.00


Price Calculator Price Calculator

Customize now and
discover all the ways to
personalize your hair.


Add to cart and customize later.

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Customize now and
discover all the ways to
personalize your hair.


As part of our CSR program, we are offering free, fully-customized wigs to children under the age of 12 who are suffering from hair loss.

As such, we will donate $1 to this cause for every Lordhair hair system that we sell.

For more information, please visit Free Wigs for Kids:



Welcome to Lordhair and thank you for your interest. We understand what it is like to suffer from hair loss. We hope that you will find we Lordhair useful because we guarantee offering the highest quality of CUSTOM hair replacement system to you to beat hair loss.

And what is a “CUSTOM” hair piece, is there any difference your custom hair system and other stock units from other suppliers? Let’s discover the real truth for you now. Why our products called “custom” is because a custom hair piece is made with every single personal details of yourself. Including:

  • Base size

    Your new hair system is made from an actual mould of your head. The base will perfectly match your scalp curvature. It will actually FIT the exact area you want to cover.

  • Base Material

    You can choose your base material for your new hair system as per your lifestyle. Totally breathable lace base, thin skin or long lifespan mono base and even the mix configures. You can choose a base with the most undetectable hairline, the longest wearing or perhaps a blend of both.

  • Hair Type

    Easy to decide hair type! Human hair or synthetic fibers (synthetic hair is "Shake & Go", meaning it doesn’t need too much maintenance. High quality synthetic hair by Kanaka Fugi, Japan, looks and feels like real hair).

  • Hair Color

    You can choose a custom color or a color that matches your own natural growing hair. It’s easy to add some ‘Grey’ in the temple area to make the hair look more natural. Our new custom hair systems can also be highlighted!

  • Curl and Wave

    Get the Curl and Wave degree right so that the new hair system could be blended with your own remaining growing hair naturally. And even if you want more curl in back and less wave in front, we can do that for you!

  • Hair Direction

    Choose the hair direction as well! With or without a parting, left or right parting, brush forward or back.

  • Bleaching Knots

    We can also make the new hair system with bleaching knots. You can have bleached knots around the perimeter or the parting area, or even throughout your hair system to make your hairline totally invisible and undetectable.

The term "Custom" is often used by the other sellers even though they are simply selling a stock unit with different degrees of grey and colors. However, our custom hair systems so far surpasses any stock unit in both the natural look and comfort, there is no comparison!

Uses a custom template for exact curvature and shape of YOUR balding area? Yes! No!
Different base material - Mono, Lace, Skin, PE line or blended? Yes! No!
Combine two or more different base materials into one base? Yes! No!
Variable base construction for you to choose to meet your lifestyle? Yes! No!
Perfect color match to your growing hair? Yes! No!
Add grey hair in different areas or blend grey evenly in whole unit? Yes! No!
Add highlights evenly or make them in spot (Streaks/Chunks)? Yes! No!
Able to select the proper age related density that's right for you Yes! No!
Change density in different areas (Ex. lighter in crown area) Yes! No!
Different front recession degrees for the most natural look Yes! No!
Choose different hair length in different areas* Yes! No!
Select the amount of wave and change in different areas Yes! No!
Specify where you part your hair and how the hair flows Yes! No!
Make bleached knots to create the invisible and undetectable hairline? Yes! No!
Enable you to choose the base material color(Ex. Skin color, brown, or even black)? Yes! No!
Delivery in a few days No!   Yes!
Invisible Hair Line,Undetectable System Sure!   Yes!
Equal to systems costing hundreds more Yes! No!
Satisfaction Guarantee Sure! ?

Why Buy Hair System from Lordhair
  • Cost Saving:

    Purchase with us, you buy directly from factory at very low price. No any middleman charge, order placed directly to us factory, shipment directly to your door.

  • Professional:

    Over 10 year industry experience. quality guaranteed, more important, we can give our suggestions on the factory point of view.

  • Convenient:

    We sell online, which is very convenient for you to place order, seated at home, no need travel to salon, additional traffic saving meanwhile.

  • Easy:

    All your details kept on file at factory, very easy to reorder. You can even make duplication, make repair, all are very easy to handle on our website.

  • Safe:

    Payment accepted with PayPal, Credit Cards, Western Union and Wire Transfer.

  • Satisfaction guarantee:

    If you feel not satisfied with your hair sytem in 30 days after received it, you can return the unit back to us.

How to Order New Hair System

1.Place the order online by filling an online order form.
The online order form is very easy to fill. You can choose the drop-down selection step by step to order a custom made new hair system.
2.Place the order outline by filling order form.
Download our order form’s hard copy, print it and fill your details in. Scan it (or take a photo) and send to us via email. You can also post the order form to us together with the template and hair samples.

Hair System Ordering Tools

New hair system ordering tools below will be helpful in placing the order:

Base model kit ring:

Our base model kit ring is composed with many base designs with real materials, each model is in size 6" width x8" length, standard contour. help you easy to observe material and overall construction.

Base material kit ring:

This base material kit ring includes more than 40 different materials that are being used to build a new hair system base. It’s very useful for new wearers and salons choosing a base material you like the best.

Curl & wave chart:

The curl & wave chart shows different curls and waves in real hair, making easy for you to compare with your own curl and density before ordering.

Measuring tape:

It helps to measure the base sizes and hair lengths.

Color ring:

More than 40 pieces of real human hair color samples are consisted in our color ring. They cover nearly all hair colors human people might have. It helps you to decide the most suitable color.

  • 1# Mens
  • 1A# Mens
  • 1B# Mens
  • 2# Mens
  • 3# Mens
  • 4# Mens
  • 4ASH# Mens
  • 4R# Mens
  • 5# Mens
  • 5R# Mens
  • 6# Mens
  • 6R# Mens
  • 6RD# Mens
  • 7# Mens
  • 7ASH# Mens
  • 8R# Mens
  • 10R# Mens
  • 12R# Mens
  • 17# Mens
  • 17R# Mens
  • 18# Mens
  • 20# Mens
  • 20R# Mens
  • 22# Mens
  • 22R# Mens
  • 30# Mens
  • 59# Mens
  • 60# Mens
  • 60RY# Mens
  • 1# Womens
  • 1B# Womens
  • 2# Womens
  • 4# Womens
  • 6# Womens
  • 8# Womens
  • 9# Womens
  • 10# Womens
  • 12# Womens
  • 16# Womens
  • 18# Womens
  • 22# Womens
  • 24# Womens
  • 27# Womens
  • 30# Womens
  • 33# Womens
  • 60# Womens
  • 99J# Womens
  • 118# Womens
  • 140# Womens
  • 144# Womens
  • 613# Womens

Density chart:

An important tool when ordering a new custom made hair replacement system. Sometimes, it’s very hard to discuss density with customers. But with a density chart, you can order an accurate density to match your age. Most times, a good density can save a hair system from looking fake.

Choosing the correct density is an essential factor in ensuring your hair system looks natural. It is pointless investing in a hair system that is detectable as a result of wrong density selection.

Time of delivery

Regular size new hair replacement system takes at least 12 weeks to get delivered. Full head wigs needs one week longer. This time, exclude going over the details at the beginning between us and of course exclude the logistics time. The chart below will help you understand better:

  Standard Size Toupee Full Head Wigs
Regular Service At least 12 Weeks At least 13 Weeks

Shipping method

Your order will be shipped via Fedex/DHL/UPS/EMS/RPX etc. directly at your doorstep. Safe and fast! Shipment usually takes around 3-5 working days to arrive at your door. It can be tracked on the logistics websites.



Customer Reviews (47)

Good quality & serviceReview by Marc R***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Most of my orders are custom made orders. Their hair system is really beautiful. All are made with high quality human hair. I always get good feedback from family & friends
(Posted on 11/18/2021)
excellent productReview by Shahzad Y***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Very pleased with the hair product which are better quality compare to others on the market and also competitive pricing, best of all customer service is excellent keeping customer informed and in the loop....just great.
(Posted on 10/18/2021)
Good quality systemReview by DA
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Good quality hair system made as per specification. Looks natural. Hope to wear and post a long term review
(Posted on 4/20/2021)
Excellent Review by Gizielle S***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Well made, love it
(Posted on 3/1/2021)
Boost my confidenceReview by Keith C***
Product Rating
Delivery Rating
Changed my life!!! I cannot express enough just how grateful I am that I decided to receive a non-surgical hair replacement. I had no idea just how much this would impact my life in a positive way and I just want to give tons of thanks to Lordhair. Before making this decision I already had a very successful career in car sales and now I have taken it to another level. In my job looking good is one of the most important things to succeed. I feel and look so young again and amazing
natural non-surgical hair replacement natural non-surgical hair replacement natural non-surgical hair replacement natural non-surgical hair replacement natural non-surgical hair replacement
(Posted on 2/15/2021)
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