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Lordhair Tape Measure

This specialized measuring tool is designed for men's hair systems and toupees. It's made of durable plastic and measures 6.5cm by 6.5cm, with synthetic leather outer packaging for extra protection. 

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The measuring tape is double-sided, featuring both inches and centimeters on either side of the tape. The inch measurement extends up to 60, while the centimeter measurement extends up to 150. This allows for precise and accurate measurements of the length and width of men's hair systems and toupees.

The operation of this measuring tape is simple and straightforward, with a button or lever for easy retraction of the tape. This makes measuring quick and efficient, without any complicated setup or calibration needed.

This measuring tape is designed specifically for men's hair systems and toupees, but it can also be used to measure other small items and dimensions. With its durable construction and easy-to-use design, this measuring tape is a reliable tool for any task that requires precise measurements.

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