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    Lordhair Hair Color

    3 Ways To Match Your Hair Color

      It is important to choose a color that will match with your existing hair. The following 3 options are the most popular ways to match your hair color.

      We have taken some photos of each of our colors and listed them for your selection. You could compare those colors and find a color which matches your own or the one you like best, your order will then be proceeded based on your selection.

      Dark Series




      Brown Series




      Blonde Series







      Lady's Human Hair Color Selection




      Let Us Help You Choose

      If you are not sure what to choose according to the color choices on the Lordhair website, you can send us a picture of your hair. Our EXPET PRODUCT ADVISORS will help you match your color.


      Top3 Tips to Get the Perfect Hair System Color Match



      Lighting Tips

      ● Take several photos in different types of lighting, including:

      Natural daylight outside (avoid direct sunlight).

      Indoor neutral lighting under even lighting (i.e. no yellow tinted light and no bright flashlights).

      ● Don't use filters on your photos such as Instagram filters.

      ● When selecting the pictures, reflect on whether you believe the picture reflects your hair color well before sending it along.


      Angle tips

      ● Take pictures from up close and far away.

      ● Take pictures at different angles of the head (the front, the back, the tips, the hairline).

      ● Take a picture of hair that is loose (i.e. not tied up) with the entirety of the root to tip visible.


      IMPORTANT REMINDER: We have done our best to display as accurately as possible the colors of the products shownon this web site. However, computer monitors also cannot display the color in its original actual tone. There is always a color difference. To improve accuracy we STRONGLY RECOMMEND sending in your hair samples because PHOTOS DO NOT reflect the real color of your hair.

      If you are unable to provide a sample, we can provide a COLOR RING giving you the opportunity to physically see numerous colors and select the perfect match for you.

      Our color ring contains more than 40 color swatches. Pick the closest three to five color swatches from the hair system color ring. Through a process of elimination, choose the proper color swatch that best matches your own growing hair.

      When using the color swatches, please check the color in both artificial light and natural daylight, sunlight could help you to choose the right color for your hair system.

      Color ring for men's stock hair systems



      After you have selected your color, you can return the hair system color ring with your order details and we will refund or credit this amount towards your purchase. Or you can contact our customer service to tell us your hair color.


      You may have a color ring from another hair replacement company, but be aware this will not work when choosing a color to make a Lordhair system because codes and colors are different. When choosing your color, be sure to use a LORDHAIR COLOR RING.

      Take samples directly from your own growing hair.


      The best option is to take a sample from your own hair. Why? Because nothing beats natural. Your natural hair will allow us to match your true color graduation from the source! Click HERE to see how to make hair samples.



      Most of us would like to think we are both warm and cool. But when it comes to hair color, it's important to know which one you really are (and it has nothing to do with your fantastic personality).

      You're likely a "warm" if you have golden, olive or dark skin and brown or dark eyes (most Latinas, Asians and African Americans fall into this category). "Warm" men and women tan easily and the veins in their inner wrists are green.

      You're a "cool" if you have fair skin and blue or green eyes, you burn before you tan and the veins in your wrists run blue. If you're confused because you sometimes burn, sometimes tan, you likely skew warm.

      Once you know if you're a warm or cool shade, you can easily know what shades of color look good with your skin tone.

      Using a photo (even if it's a picture of yourself) isn't the best idea for choosing hair color. Because the photos are not able to reflect the real color of your hair.

      Your age usually dictates the proper color choice for a hair system and how adding gray percentages can add realism.

      Understanding the HUGE role your natural hair color plays in your hair system color.

      Using a color ring or hair samples (or a combination of both) to choose your hair color.


      If you still have any questions about hair color or need assistance, please email support@lordhair.com .