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    Stock Human Hair Wigs for Women

    Whether you are a fashion-conscious, young adult; a middle-aged working woman; or a sophisticated, elderly lady, our wide range of natural-looking human hair wigs - also known as hair systems - are worth considering.

    Whatever your face shape or size: small face, oval face or round face, we create and sell sassy short, medium and long-haired stock wigs for all women. Browse through our catalog of stock wigs for fashion-conscious ladies and find your perfect look! 

    Stock Wigs for Women
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    Human Hair Wigs FAQs

    As the name suggests, human hair wigs for women are made out of real human hair. Unlike synthetic ladies' wigs, they look and feel real. Human hair wigs can also be restyled after washing just like real hair.


    Buying human hair wigs for the first time can be overwhelming. We suggest women consider these tips in order to buy top-notch human hair wigs in 2023:


    ● Choose the right hair type for your hair wigs


    ● Find the right cap construction


    ● Measure your head size


    ● Pick the right hair color for the best wig


    ● Read product description carefully


    Email support@lordhair.com in case of queries. Our experts will help you select the best human hair wigs for hair loss recovery


    There are generally six types of ladies wigs:


    ● Chinese human hair wigs


    ● Indonesian human hair wigs


    ● European human hair wigs


    ● Brazilian human hair wigs


    ● Remy human hair wigs


    ● Indian human hair wigs


    Chinese ladies wigs have thicker denier which results in the strands being extremely straight. This type of human hair wigs is more resistant to curl. Although they can be harder to style, Chinese human hair wigs can provide women a hyper-realistic look nevertheless.


    Indian human hair wigs are one of the most common human hair wigs used by ladies for overcoming hair loss. They blend well with just about any hair, most especially Caucasian. Indian human hair wigs bring hair that looks and behaves like real scalp hair. Indian human hair wigs for women are smooth, pocket-friendly, and don’t tangle easily.