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    Lace Hair Systems

    Considering a full lace hair system for ultimate comfort and realism? Lace hair replacement systems are popular not only because of their lightweight, comfy nature but also because of the high degree of realism they offer thanks to the way the fine flesh of the lace blends into your scalp. They are, of course, also very breathable thanks to the woven nature of lace. As such, we always recommend lace hair systems to people who live an active lifestyle or live in hotter climates.

    We have various lace hairpieces in stock for you to choose from but we can also custom design a lace hair replacement system for you. We use both French lace and Swiss lace so full French lace hair systems, full Swiss lace hair systems, French lace with Swiss lace front hair systems and lace with PU and thin skin hair systems are a few of the possible base designs that we can make for you.

    Lace Hair Systems
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    Lace Hair Systems FAQs

    Lace hair systems are hair units in which human hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base that goes over the scalp. These have versatility and look more natural in comparison to regular hair wigs.


    While stock lace hair systems come in an assortment of styles and base options (Swiss lace, French lace, hybrid lace and polyurethane, etc.), custom lace hair systems bring you the freedom of picking almost anything.


    Whether you want to switch up your hairstyle or aim to conceal hair loss, lace toupee can get the job done.


    Here are the advantages of wearing lace hair systems:


    ● They can be parted anywhere


    ● They hide hair loss without causing any side effects


    ● They deliver a natural look


    ● They are durable


    Lace hair replacements are breathable and comfortable as well


    Lace toupees are considered the best option for men who want their male hair unit to:


    ● Make the scalp feel cool and light even in a warm climate


    ● Deliver an undetectable hairline


    ● Appear as if the hair is growing out of the scalp


    The answer is plain and simple - the ability to regain a full head of hair without undergoing painful hair restoration surgery. Surgical hair restoration methods like FUT, FUE, and strip harvesting come with their share of risks. This is not the case with lace hair systems.


    Our men’s hair pieces are worn worldwide to treat receding hairlines and get back a full head of hair. Whether you have lost your hair to a medical condition, stress, hormonal changes, or a bad lifestyle, lace wigs can aid recovery with ease.


    There are three popular types of lace hair systems, named after the type of coverage they provide:


    ● Full lace hair systems


    ● Front lace hair systems


    ● 360 lace hair systems