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    Integration Wigs

    Hair thinning around the crown or parting can crush the confidence of any women. However, hair integration wigs provide women with a quick and easy answer to hair loss. If your hair is thinning, choose one of our custom integration hair systems and simply pull your hair through the netting of the wig to instantly give yourself a thicker, fuller head of hair. Then, securely attach the wig to your existing hair with the sewn-on clips - there is no need for tape or glue.

    We can customize your integration hair system(also as "integration wig") any way you please. That means you can choose the exact size of the holes in the netting of the base to match your hair loss pattern, for example. Choose which hair type best suits your needs – we offer both Remy and non-Remy hair as well as Virgin hair. Rest assured that we only use the best quality human hair

    Below is a selection of the custom integration wigs we can do for you.

    Integration Wigs Integration Wigs
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    Integration Hair System FAQs

    An integration hair system is a special type of hair system designed to help women suffering from moderate to severe hair loss. This artificial hair integration product uses a high-quality mesh that is placed at the root of the hair, right above the scalp.


    Integration hair systems are completely breathable and - unlike male hair wigs - don't require shaving the head. They interlock with your natural hair and provide the appearance of hair coming directly out of the scalp.


    Lordhair’s integration hair systems for women are made using premium quality materials. Our integration hair wigs are comfortable and hold a snug fit on the scalp. When fitted correctly, integration hair systems aren’t visible to the naked eye. We have also covered mesh with 100% human hair. This means you will get an ultra-realistic look and nobody will be able to tell if you are wearing an integration hair system.


    Of course yes! Whether you have thinning hair on the crown or bald patches scattered around your head due to alopecia, our integration hair systems will cover all types of hair loss. Lordhair’s integration hair systems are helping women that suffer from alopecia hair loss get healthy-looking hair in a jiffy. If you have alopecia that has left your head bald, you should instead try a full cap wig, which is glued or taped on to a bare scalp. Integration wigs need at least some hair to be pulled through to ‘integrate’ the two together and for the hair to stay in place.


    Due to the use of human hair in the integration hair system, there is no definite life span as such. The lifespan depends on your maintenance routine, product type, and frequency of wear. With the right care and maintenance, a regular integration hair system can last anywhere between a few months to a year.

    If your partner is losing hair too, we recommend checking our collection of hair toupees and men’s wigs for sale.

    We suggest reading our maintenance guide on artificial hair integrations which includes shampooing and conditioning instructions. Be slightly more gentle with your integration hair system than you would be with your natural hair. Remember, no vigorous rubbing. Mesh integration hair systems are no different.