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    Lace Front Hair Systems

    If you want a natural-looking front hairline, try our lace front hair systems for men. Lordhair’s lace front wigs and hairpieces combine thin skin with a lace front, mono with a lace front, and PU with a lace front at the cheapest wholesale prices.  you can choose your favorite lace front hair replacement system from our diverse range of base designs. All can be customized to your particular needs.

    Widely popular among Brazilian and Caucasian men, Lordhair’s lace front hair systems are known for their durability, quality and affordable prices. For men who want to regain their lost confidence and feel better about themselves, our frontal hairpieces are just the answer.

    Lace Front Hair Systems
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    Lace Front Wigs for Men FAQs

    A lace front wig for men, aka men’s lace front toupee is a toupee that is made with a lace base at the front, i.e. the front hairline area is made of a lace material. The crown and back of the toupee may be made from either polyurethane (PU) or monofilament (mono).


    A men’s lace front toupee is popular because lace creates an incredibly natural faded hairline when exposed, as opposed to mono, which, although very durable, does not have a natural hairline. The front hairline tends to sweat more than other areas on the head. A lace front is breathable, allowing sweat to escape, making a men’s lace front wig one of the best options for most men.


    A men’s lace front wig is stuck down with wig glue or wig tape and can be worn for several weeks at a time, whilst you undertake daily activities.


    Lace front wigs for men can be bought on Lordhair.com with free and fast shipping to your door. In as little as 7 days a fresh cut and styled hair system can be on your head.


    You can buy men’s lace front wigs online with Lordhair, which stocks dozens of lace front hairpiece models, so you can find the perfect hairpiece for all hair types, colors and ethnicities.


    The most popular lace front wig for men in 2023 is a French lace front, skin hair system (the Lordhair Combo-V). Equally popular is the French lace front with skin and mono on the crown (Lordhair Vigor). The best lace front wigs for men in 2023 are breathable and durable.


    Swiss lace is a very fine net meshing that is undetectable and is virtually invisible on the skin, whilst also giving a perfect faded hairline. It is less durable than French lace. French lace is the perfect balance between durability and realism when it comes to a hairline, that is why is it one of the best lace front hair systems for 2023.


    Yes, men experiencing hair loss wear lace front wigs. They wear them semi-permanently, meaning they stick them on using wig glue, then men can do all daily activities without having to remove the lace front wig for several weeks. Men’s lace front wigs are worn for 3-5 weeks at a time and can be washed and re-used.


    Lace front wigs for men can cost as little as $250. French lace is more durable than thin skin PU or Swiss lace and are thus more durable. A French lace front wig with PU can last 2-4 months at $285, whereas a French lace with mono top (i.e. a monofilament base on the crown) can last for 4-6 months and costs just $250.