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    Custom Hair Toppers

    Lordhair customizes hair toppers for men all around the world. Our custom hair toppers will be personalized to you and your needs in every single aspect. We will make the base to cover the exact size of your hair loss area and the shape and contour of your head. The base design is chosen by you and because we can custom-make hair toppers from lace skin, or monofilament you will be able to have a hair system that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

    Whether your priority is realism or durability or a combination of the two then we are sure we have the hair topper for you. Check out what we can do for you below but if you are a particular base design or special requirements then we would be happy to discuss them with you.

    Custom Hair Toppers
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    Crown Hair Replacement FAQs

    Crown hair replacement toppers are used by men to recover from hair loss and experiment with styling.


    While stock crown hair replacement toppers come in a range of styles and base options, custom crown hair replacement toppers for men provide the freedom of picking almost everything.


    Men’s hairpieces to cover bald spot tend to be suitable for men who want their hair topper to have specific attributes in terms of color, base, texture, density, and coverage.


    Wondering what sort of men should go for custom crown hair replacement toppers? Well, custom crown hair replacement toppers tend to be the best option for men who want their male hair unit to:


    ● Be tailored to sit on their head perfectly


    ● Be strictly created as per their requirements


    ● Have an undetectable hairline


    Crown hair replacement systems for men come with various material options. The most popular materials used in crown hair replacement toppers are mono, full lace, lace fronts, and skin base.


    Both human crown hair replacement toppers and synthetic crown hair replacement toppers wigs are great choices depending on your budget and needs. However, crown hair replacement toppers with human hair offer the most natural look and feel. While they can be a bit expensive, real crown hair replacement toppers have a much bigger demand among modern men.


    Human crown hair replacement toppers are exceptionally soft with a shine and movement that can’t be spoofed by synthetic hair.


    Browse our complete collection of men’s wigs for baldness for more variety.


    There are generally six basic types of crown hair replacement toppers for men on the basis of hair:


    ● Crown hair replacement systems with Chinese hair


    ● Crown hair replacement toppers with Indonesian hair


    ● Crown hair replacement toppers with European hair


    ● Crown hair replacement systems with Brazilian hair


    ● Crown hair replacement toppers with Remy hair


    ● Crown hair replacement wigs with Indian hair