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    Medical Wigs

    Cancer patients say that hair loss during chemotherapy is one of the most emotionally devastating side effects. Our medical wigs are designed with the same in mind and hence are both comfortable as well as natural looking. Medical wigs from Lordhair are light weight, soft and comfortable for delicate skin of cancer patients and also people struggling with alopecia. 

    Our wide range of medical wigs will make you feel better and look great. At Lordhair, we will make sure that you get the best medical wig for your sensitive skin. Fighting illnesses like cancer and alopecia is hard, let alone dealing with side-effects that lead to hair loss. As a top hair systems brand, we will stand with you during the fight. Read about real hair wigs for cancer patients.

    Medical Wigs
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    Wigs for Cancer Patients FAQs

    As the name itself suggests, wigs for cancer patients (also referred to as hair systems for cancer patients) are a special type of hair unit made for men, women, and children who lose hair to chemotherapy. Recovering from hair loss while undergoing cancer treatment takes a while and often makes females feel stressed and unconfident. Wigs for cancer patients help them disguise their hair thinning or hair loss and make them feel better emotionally.


    For women, hair is a prized possession. Cancer patients say that losing their precious strands to cancer is one of the most emotionally ravaging side effects. Our wigs for cancer patients are designed with this in mind and are really natural-looking.


    Lordhair's wigs for cancer patients are also lightweight, soft, and durable. They have no side effects on the delicate skin of cancer patients and make them feel as if they have got their own hair back.


    Wigs for cancer patients are priced according to the workmanship and the grade of the medical wig. For example, there are hand-tied wigs, lace wigs, mono top wigs, and lace front wigs. If wigs for cancer patients are custom made, they will definitely cost more due to specific construction and requirement.

    We highly suggest you get in contact with our medical wig experts to have your head measured properly and have your wigs for cancer patients customized according to your needs. Send us an email at support@lordhair.com.

    If your partner is losing hair too, we recommend checking our collection of hair toupees and men’s wigs for sale.

    Yes, synthetic wigs for cancer patients are available in the market. However, we don't recommend buying them. Synthetic wigs are made from a combination of plastic fibers that mimic human hair. They can make your sensitive scalp feel uncomfortable if the material is not high-grade.


    Another reason for avoiding synthetic wigs for medical hair loss is that synthetic wigs for cancer patients have volatile organic compounds that could be toxic and carcinogenic if not sourced from the right supplier. Buy human hair wigs for cancer patients instead! Not only are they safe, since they are made of 100% human hair, but they are also available in different textures.


    Women who choose real hair wigs for medical hair loss have a better overall experience.


    It can be really confusing when buying medical wigs for cancer patients as there are a lot of terminologies that many sufferers won’t be familiar with. This can turn out to be a big problem, especially for women patients who are buying wigs for medical hair loss for the first time. However, it will get easier over time.


    In Lordhair’s ordering guide, all the crucial aspects of wigs for cancer patients have been covered. Read it to learn about medical wigs as well. Send an email to support@lordhair.com if you still can’t decide on the best wigs for cancer patients. Our team of experts will help you pick the best option for you.