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    Shop Men's Toupee and Male Wigs

    Lordhair brings a full range of premium real human hair toupees for men. If you need a top quality hair toupee asap, we have a wide selection of stock available for immediate express shipment. And if you require a custom made toupee hairpiece for men, design it yourself using our intuitive online ordering system!

    Hair toupees (also known as hair systems and men’s hairpieces) have come a long way and we can recreate your own hair’s color, curl, and wave, giving the feel of perfectly real hair. Our stock and custom hair toupees will have you looking good and feeling great. Best of all, if you choose the suitable hairpieces, no one will know that you are wearing one of our hair toupees because all of them are highest quality and designed to perfection. Scroll down and discover the best toupee hairpieces in town for men! 

    Men's Hair Toupees
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    Men's Toupees FAQs

    A men's toupee is a non-surgical hair recovery solution designed to cover balding. Hair is attached by hand to undetectable materials and toupees are secured to the head with tape, glue, or clips. A good toupee will look just like it could be someone's own hair.

    Toupees and wigs are essentially the same - a hair replacement solution made from a base material with hair knotted onto it. While the term 'wig' is commonly associated with women's hair wigs, 'toupee' is the preferred term for men's hairpieces although you will hear both toupee and wig in relation to men.

    Absolutely! A toupee is a pain-free, risk-free, and cost-effective solution for covering a balding head. It offers instant results, is semi-permanent, and is more cost-effective than alternatives like hair transplants and medicines.

    The former emerges as the superior choice due to the following advantages:

    ● Low 'cost per day' or 'cost per wear'

    ● Instant voluminous hair

    ● Zero surgical risks.

    Candidates who go for the latter often face disappointment, experiencing inadequate volume, uneven hair growth, and shoddy implantation.

    From reputable online toupee hair replacement system sellers like Lordhair, toupees start from US$209 with US$300 being the average price. This is in contrast to certain salons that may charge well in excess of $400 and even up to $800 at some salons.