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    Paddle Brush


    Paddle Brush for Hair System

    Paddle brush for hair systems to get the tangles out of your toupee or wig, around 21.5cm in length.

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    A hair system paddle brush is a type of hairbrush that is specifically designed for use with hair replacement systems or wigs. It typically features a wide, flat surface that is ideal for detangling and smoothing out the hair on the hairpiece or wig.

    This hair system paddle brush is made from plastic with a cushioned base, which can help to protect the hair and scalp from damage during brushing. It has the following benefits:

    -The paddle brush features a highly elastic air bag comb pad that provides exceptional flexibility while combing hair. It glides smoothly without causing any hair pulling, knots, or breakage, regardless of whether you comb it in an up-down or left-right motion.

    -The comb teeth are rounded at the top, making it painless to comb through your hair. Additionally, the rounded tips allow for gentle scalp massage, which can help reduce hair loss.

    -Using this paddle brush results in smoother hair that is less prone to tangling and free of any static issues.

    Overall, hair system paddle brushes are a useful tool for anyone who wears a hair replacement system, as they can help to keep the hairpiece or wig looking neat, smooth, and natural. They are particularly effective for longer hair, as they can help to distribute the hair's natural oils and promote a healthy shine.

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