With these highlight options you are allowed to add highlight color to your hair to lighten and brighten up your natural hair color.


Highlights are strips of color weaved into your hair that is lighter than your normal hair color. They lighten and brighten up your natural hair color.


If you would like to incorporate highlights and/or lowlights, please send us a sample of the highlight and/or lowlights color. Please indicate when you are filling the order form, the exact percentage of highlights and/or lowlights you require and in which areas you would like them added (e.g. front, top, back, sides, etc.).


If you would like a specific type of highlight and/or lowlights pattern/distribution, i.e. spot, slices, square, stick etc. Please supply a photo showing the type of highlights and/or lowlights you require when you send in your template or hair sample- a visual guide will ensure that we can accurately match your specific requirements. Highlights could also be blended evenly to your base hair color.


We recommend color graduation in every hair system. If you really examine most people’s natural growing head of hair you’ll notice that only rarely does a person have the exact same color throughout their head. Hair can look bland and unnatural if it is all one shade. Most times there is some level of natural color graduation. The highlights and/or lowlights help to create a natural look to your hair system.


Adding highlights and/or lowlights to your hair can enhance your hair system’s color and style adding a new dimension to your look and brightening up your face. It can also serve to make a bold impact on facial features and complement your fashion.

Lordhair highlight & lowlight for women

Lordhair highlight & lowlight for men