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    Stock Hairpieces for Men

    Do you need a men’s hairpiece within a few days? Our stock hairpieces for thinning hair are available for immediate delivery. No matter where you live in the world, we can get a premium quality hair system to you in 3-5 business days. If you have a special event coming up but don’t have the time to wait for a custom hairpiece toupee, check out our wide range now and we’ll rush it to you as quickly as possible.

    Our stock hair toupees for thinning hair are of the same quality as our custom range; the only difference is you don’t have to wait. With our stock hair pieces for men, you still have a wide range of choices in terms of base design and color. If you need a non surgical hair replacement system now, we have you covered!

    Stock Hair Systems Stock Hair Systems

    Stock Hairpieces for Men FAQs

    The demand of stock hairpieces for men is huge because they are available immediately in different sizes and colors. Made from supreme quality natural and synthetic hair, our men’s hairpieces for thinning hair are perfect for men who need hair pieces urgently. We think that every man deserves high quality toupees and hair wigs for men. That’s why we ship men’s hairpieces to over 180 countries!


    We deliver stock hair pieces for men worldwide and get great reviews from happy customers. Men’s hairpieces from Lordhair feature full super thin skin base, natural gradual front hairline, medium hair density, and single split knots. Our stock men’s hairpieces are usually 8 inches wide and 10 inches long with the option of personalization in every product.


    Lordhair’s hairpieces for thinning hair are super easy to attach and clean. Furthermore, we only use authentic hair which not only looks good but also offers a perfect fit and finishes. Besides providing men’s hairpieces with world class features and specifications, we ship our products to your doorstep within a few days. Want a customized hair piece as per your unique requirements? Check out customizable men's hair systems.  


    Tips on buying hairpieces for men


    Lordhair’s stock male hair units are helping millions of men instantly gain a full head of hair but purchasing them for the first time can be slightly perplexing. Keep these tips in mind while purchasing men’s hairpieces and you will do just fine!

    ● Make sure that the hair unit has a comfortable base and brings 100% natural hair.

    ● Select a hairpiece that matches your skin tone and natural hair.

    Double-check the measurements of the chosen men’s hairpiece against the circumference of your head.

    ● Choose the right hair length and density.


    Our collection of toupees for men and partial hairpieces is also amazing. Go check them out to discover more hair recovery options!


    Buy the best hairpieces for men 2023 from lordhair.com. With the largest selection of stock hairpieces for men (skin, lace, mono) ready to ship, quality online retailers like Lordhair are the best option for more and more men. Once you buy your stock hair system, you can take it to any trained salon for a fitting, or try your hand in fitting your hairpiece yourself.


    Natural hairpieces for men are made of human hair, handmade and are uniquely crafted. Many synthetic hairpieces for men are commercially produced and ‘churned out’ in huge quantities from a factory machine. Natural men's hairpieces are of a much higher quality standard and these male hair pieces look much more realistic.


    Synthetic hair is no match in comparison to natural hairpieces for men, because the hair in men's hairpieces is soft and natural and can be styled like real hair. Heat can also be used on a hairpiece for men.


    When buying hairpieces for men, there are different hair options:.


    European hair is highly respected for its rarity and fineness. European hair hairpieces for men have great flexibility in terms of personalization: the hair can be dyed or tinted; hair can be smooth and curly; the hair can stand the heat of a hair dryer. Other hair options include Indian hair and Chinese hair.


    Remy hair stock hairpieces for men are incredibly popular with men wanting natural looking hair. Remy hair is healthy hair, for which the direction of the hair cuticle from the root to the tip is the same. The opposite of Remy hair is non-remy, which simply means that the hair cuticles can be placed in any direction.


    $200-250 on average. More intricate hairpieces for men may be more expensive, such as custom hairpieces for men. Men's stock hair systems can also be found at a discount and can be as low as $180.


    Why are hairpieces for men expensive?


    The cost of human hair hairpieces for men is more than for synthetic ones. This is because men's stock hair systems are handmade and use human hair which is by nature more expensive. The higher price of a human hair piece for men is worth it.