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    Features of a Hair System

    • Base Size

      Not sure on the base size you need for your hair system? Here is a guide to help you figure out your measurements.

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    • Base Design

      There are many different base designs to choose from. Lace, Skin, Mono or even a combination, this information will help you choose which is best for you.

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    • Base Material Color

      To keep the hair system looking as realistic as possible, it's important to pick a base color material that best matches your skin tone.

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    • Front Contour

      The front contour is the shape of the front of your hair system along your forehead, there are different options to create the perfect hairline for you.

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    • Scallop Front

      Want to get that perfect hairline? Here is a guide on the different types of scalloped front we have available for your hair system.

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    • Hair Length

      Hair length will be described in inches for you to find the perfect length hair system for you.

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    • Curl & Wave

      You may be looking to style your hair system with more of a curl/wave. Here, you can see the options we have to create the perfect look.

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    • Hair Density

      The hair density is an important part when choosing your hair system. If you're looking for a thicker Toupee, or wanting a thinner, easier to blend look, here is all the information you need.

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    • Hair Direction

      The hair direction of your hair system is impotant if you are looking to create a specific style. Here is all the information you will need.

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    • Hair Color

      A helpful guide to assist you in finding the perfect colour match for your hair system.

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    • Hairlights and Root Color

      There is also the option to change the root color, or even add highlights to your hair systems to get the perfect look for you.

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    • Gray Hair

      Not sure how much grey hair to add into your hair system? Here is a helpful guide on how each percentage of grey will look in your Toupee.

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    • Bleached Knots

      Make the knots on your hair system invisible. We will bleach the very top of the hair system where the knot is, so you will not see it and hair will appear to be coming from the scalp.

      Learn more
    • Hair Type

      You can choose from soft, silky European hair, the best-of-both worlds strong and silky Indian hair, or even Indian Remy hair, as well as synthetic hair on your hairpiece.

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    • Base Templates and Hair Samples

      To help get a 100% perfect fit, we encourage you to send us a sample of your hair and make a template of your head and hair loss pattern. Learn how to do it and where to send it here.

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    • Haircut Service

      Don't want to pay to get it cut in a saving? Our in-house Lordhair professional stylists will cut and style it for you so you can fit at home and save yourself money!

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