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    Afro Men’s Hairpieces

    Afro man weaves are designed for black and African American men that want to recreate modern black men’s hairstyles, despite having hair loss. You can achieve the latest Afro men’s hairstyles with an easy-to-install black man’s man weave (aka man unit).

    These Afro non-surgical hair replacement systems come in a range of bases – thin skin, lace, and mono. A man weave is attached with glue or tape and can be worn continuously for 3-4 weeks before having to remove it to clean it and reapply glue or tape. An Afro man weave can be worn while doing all daily activities, including showering and sleeping.

    You can buy a ready-to-ship man weave and receive your Afro hair system in as little as 5 days. Hair on any man weave base can actually be permed into an Afro in less than 3 days and can then be shipped out straight to your door. You can even choose the tightness of the curl on your man weave to achieve an Afro that matches your personal style and requirements.

    The hair of modern man weaves (also known as Afro hair wigs for men) can be cut by our stylists directly to achieve a modern look that’s ready to install as soon as you take it out of the box.

    Man Weaves
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    Man Weave FAQs

    Human hair and synthetic fibers are the two kinds of materials used to make a man weave. They are intended to camouflage your hairless spots and give you a fresh look. Synthetic toupees are available in a wide range of colours, and they often resemble real human hair. A heat-resistant men’s hairpiece, for example, can be styled using straighteners and curling irons. A man weave unit is still the most popular option, owing to its numerous advantages.


    Man weave hair is more durable than its synthetic counterparts, although it’s also softer and more manoeuvrable. An American afro toupee is the priciest type and requires appropriate care to preserve its durability.


    Conceal baldness - It's also a good choice for covering up black male hair issues. Hairpieces like an American afro toupee are excellent at concealing marks on the head. Choose a hair colour that matches your natural hair colour so it may blend in seamlessly.


    Switch the style up - A man weave toupee gives you the option and freedom to change your style each week if you wanted to instead of waiting for hair to grow out after cutting. You can also create endless afro hair styles if you have balding.


    Completely safe to use - A man weave unit is non-irritating and non-itchy. You can purchase one and wear it without styling or painting your hair. Man weave hair is a protective hairstyle as well. If you are losing your hair, it is best to keep your hair as it is, as styling it may worsen your hair condition. Therefore, the American afro toupee is your saviour.


    Popular hairstyle - The American afro toupee, can meet all of a customer's demands. It saves money, time, and provides a contemporary hairstyle, three things that make this toupee more and more popular.


    Wash it once a week - Choose the right shampoo and wash your hair at least once a week to keep it clean. Moisture elements are crucial to keeping the hair soft and hydrated.


    Apply conditioner - After washing your hair, use a conditioner specially formulated for an American afro toupee to avoid getting knots. Prior to styling your man weave unit, apply a deep conditioner to moisturize your curly and thick hair.


    Avoid brushing the wet hair - Wetting a man weave toupee reduces its durability so you shouldn’t brush wet afro hair. A hairpiece comb is a decent investment. You can keep your locks healthy by using hair masks or natural oils such as olive extract, coconut oil, etc. These products maintain the man weave hair moisture throughout the whole process.


    Reduce the usage of the hairdryer - Minimizing heat and friction when drying curly hair is the best strategy to avoid hair damage, breakage, and entangling. Let your man weave hair dry naturally. If you want extra assistance detangling your hair, use a detangling product. This’ll help reduce pull too, and make your man weave last longer.