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    UTS 2.0


    Thinnest 0.02mm Skin 'No Base' Hair System- Light, Dull Shine

    Upgrade your hair game: 0.02mm thin men's toupee, the thinnest base material on the market. This skin base is meticulously crafted to be 10x thinner than the outer layer of real human skin, creating a natural and seamless blend with your scalp for a supremely natural and undetectable look. Preorder product!

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    Below are the specifications of this product:

    Base Design  Thinnest 0.02mm skin base with V-looped all over
    Base Size 8’’ x 10’’
    Front Contour Standard 
    Hair Length  5"-6"
    Hair Density  Medium-light (100%)
    Hair Type  100% Indian human hair
    Curl & Wave  30 mm slight wave
    Hair Direction Freestyle
    Lifespan 1 month or so, so we highly recommended you to order 3 or more units at a time.

    Ultra natural, super transparent, disposable, maintenance free

    Delivery Preorder product, shipment takes place 4-6 weeks.
    Kind Reminder

    Please cut the excess material before you attach the realistic toupee wig.


    Introducing the upgraded version of UTS, the thinnest men's toupee product on the market. With its thin, natural, and lightweight design, the UTS 2.0 provides an incredibly natural and undetectable look for men. Made with a super transparent material, this hair system is virtually invisible, making it perfect for men who want to achieve a natural and realistic look.

    UTS 2.0 is designed to be worn continuously until it's time for a replacement. To ensure the best results, we recommend that you don't take it off after wearing it. This product is suitable for men who have experience wearing hair systems and who want to achieve an extremely natural effect.

    What is the difference between UTS 2.0 and UTS?
    The upgraded version of UTS differs from the regular UTS in that it is even thinner. While the original UTS is already known for its thin and natural design, the upgraded version takes it to the next level with an even thinner profile. This means that the upgraded version of UTS is the thinnest hair system product currently available on the market, making it perfect for people who want an extremely natural and undetectable look. Despite its thinness, the upgraded version of UTS still offers the same high quality and performance as the original UTS. With its super transparent material and lightweight design, the upgraded version of UTS is an excellent choice for those who want a natural and confident look.

    With the upgraded version of UTS, you can expect the same quality and performance as the original, but with an even thinner and more natural design. Get ready to enjoy a natural and confident look with the UTS 2.0 men's toupee. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!


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