Temple Patch


Temple Hair Patch for Men (2 Pieces)

Hair patch to cover the temples of the head for men with hair loss or a receding hairline. If your hair loss is limited to just the temple region, you don’t need a men’s hair piece; all you need is this tiny patch to cover up the damage!

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Below are the specifications of this  hairpiece:

Base Design Super thin skin base with V-looped hair all over (thinnest skin 0.06mm)
Base Size 3" width x 2.5" length
Base Material Color Transparent
Hair Length 5"
Hair Density Medium-light to Medium (110%)
Hair Type 100% human hair 
Curl & Wave 30mm Wave
Hair Direction Freestyle
Advantages Undetectable, easy to attach and clean

Shipment takes place within 1-3 days. 

Kind Reminder

Please cut the excess lace material before you attach the hair system.


These hair patches (also known as toupees and hair wigs for men) are for use on the temples and are designed for men with a receding hairline or balding temples. Two pieces of temple hair patches can be applied to the areas of hair loss on the temples and blended into the rest of your hair to create the look of a full body of hair and cover temple balding and a receding hairline.

The hair patch for men is made of 100% human hair, available and ready to ship immediately.

When purchasing a temple hair patch for men, you will receive two pieces to place on either side of your head, at the temples where you have hair loss. You can choose the hair color from a large range of different colors, to match your natural hair.


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Purchased:Temple Hair Patch for Men (2 Pieces)


I lost a patch of hair at the front due to illness and it has never grown back. It has knocked my confidence for years so I thought I'd give this a try. I struggled with this at first because it is so dense it was impossible to blend into my own hair and comb in the direction I need it. However, after spending some time trimming it down and thinning it out, I managed to get it just right. It now blends seamlessly and it's impossible to tell its there. If you can get it done at a salon then that would be ideal, otherwise prepare for a little bit of prep work. I've been wearing it for 2 weeks now and it's made such a positive difference and has really uplifted my mood and my confidence. The quality is excellent and the colour is perfect. I will definitely be ordering again.

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