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    Ordering tools

    Lordhair offers a wide range of ordering tools like base model kit rings, base material kit rings, density charts, color rings and curl and wave charts to help you buy the perfect wig. With the help of these tools, ordering a hair system becomes super easy. Have a look at our collection of wig tools and hair system ordering products to order the right hair solution at the very first time! 

    Ordering tools
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    Wig Stand FAQs

    One of the best ways to maintain your wig is by storing it on a wig stand. Not only does this help prevent tangling or flattening, but it also helps keep your style and shape in check. If you don't have a wig stand, make sure the wigs are stored on the plastic mould you received them in and place them in a shoebox or another container that can be closed tightly. In short, for them to last as long as possible, you should keep your wig in a dry and cool place, you should store your wig away from direct sunlight and you should place a hair net on your wig when stored to stop it from getting tangled.


    A wig stand stops your wigs from tangling - Untangling a wig can be really difficult, and if you're not careful, you could pull some of the hair out as you comb through it. This might leave bare patches throughout your wig - hardly ideal! To avoid this problem, store your wig on a wig stand so that it won't get tangled up in the first place.


    A wig stand keeps your wig in shape - when a wig is created, the hair is arranged carefully in the wig cap so that it looks as close to the human hair as possible. If you remove your wig and place it on a flat surface, all of its hair will position over to one side. This can also be a problem with wig boxes, pegs and hooks.


    A wig stand keeps your wig clean - Wigs can be dust magnets that pick up dirt, crumbs and pet hair on contact. It will pick up dust if it is left on a flat surface but a wig stand keeps it away from dirt and dust and you won’t have to shampoo it as regularly.


    A wig stand helps to style your wig easily - Using a wig stand helps to keep the wig steady as you style it. It would be difficult to hold your styling tools and wig at the same time so a wig stand will save all the hassle.


    A wig stand helps to increase the airflow - Wigs can get hot, itchy, and smelly over time and they will absorb the natural oils from your scalp. Storing your wig on a wig stand will help to expose the wig to fresh clean air and it also allows the trapped humidity and sweat to dry out properly. Your wig will stay cleaner for longer.


    A wig stand is also good for drying your wig between washes. If don’t use a wig stand and leave it on a flat surface, it will cause the wig to dry in an odd shape and flatten which will make it look very artificial. Also if you don’t use a wig stand between washes, it will start to develop a damp and musty smell.


    That depends on how many wigs you own, where you keep them and how much space you have in your home. If you have a lot of wigs and accessories, you might want to go for a freestanding collapsible wig stand to save space. Or, if you have limited space in your home, a tabletop model might be the best choice. If you have a small collection and you don’t mind taking up a little bit of extra space, you can use a wall-mounted wig stand. If you own one wig, you can use a tabletop wig stand and place it on your dresser or other pieces of furniture.


    You should use a wig stand whenever you’re not wearing it and after each washing session. It will become tangled and dirty if you leave it anywhere else apart from the wig stand. It will help to keep your wig in great condition for longer. Your wig will warp in a shape you don’t want if left on a flat surface, peg or hook. It will also stay in shape until you wash it again.


    If you want to keep your wig from getting wet and starting to smell gross, make sure it is fully dry before storing it on a wig stand. Drying your wig on a wig stand also helps prevent mould and mildew from growing, so remember that!


    You can also use the wig stand when you’re styling your hairpiece. You’ll be able to have a better look at the wig and the style will be more accurate when you attach it to your head. That is if you’re not attaching it to your head before styling.


    - - Weight - If you have a heavy wig, make sure you choose a wig stand that can support the weight. If you use a wig stand that’s too lightweight, it could break under the weight of your wig. - If you have a heavy wig, make sure you choose a wig stand that can support the weight. If you use a wig stand that’s too lightweight, it could break under the weight of your wig.


    - Materials - Wig stands are usually made from metal, wood or plastic. If you live in a humid climate, go for a metal or wood wig stand. In dryer environments, plastic works well, but it can be affected by changes in humidity.


    - Hook size - Make sure the hook on your wig stand is the right size for your wig. If it’s too small, you could damage your wig by stretching it out when you put it on the wig stand.


    - Design - Wig stands are available in a variety of designs. If you have a space where you want your wig stand to stand out, you can choose a more decorative model.