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    Buy hair wig tape and hair system accessories

    Quality of hair wig tape and hairpiece accessories is as important as quality of your hair system. Premium hair system tape and accessories from Lordhair will provide a firm grip to your wig so that it retains accurate position on your scalp. As leading hair systems supplier of the world, we also bring a wide range of hair wig tapes (single and double sided), lace hairpiece tapes and other accessories for men and women who wear hair replacement solutions on regular basis. Have a look at the amazing pricing of our hair system accessories!

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    Hair Wig Tape FAQs

    These are the tools you’ll need to style your wig, maintain the wigs and keep the wigs looking new. They aren’t necessary, but they’re so helpful that it’s worth mentioning them. There are tons of hair accessories available, but the following are essential.


    - Hair wig tape


    ● Hair wig tape is a double-sided medical tape that you can use on your skin.


    - Wig Brush


    ● It’s best to brush your wig after you wash it, especially if you have tangles. Brushing removes the tangles and helps your wig maintain its shape.


    - Wig Stand


    ● A wig stand holds your wig vertically, making it easier to brush and style your wig.


    - Wig Clips


    ● If you’re looking for an alternative to hair wig tape then wig clips are an option that prevents your wig from falling off your head and are essential for travelling.


    Lordhair provides a wide range of tools to help you find the perfect wig for your hair loss needs. Lordhair offers color rings, density charts, hair wig tape and curl/wave charts and we provide everything necessary to make this process as painless as possible!


    The tools mentioned above will help you choose and order your custom hair replacement system without any issues. Lordhair’s wig ordering tools are designed from the finest quality material that stays stronger and lasts longer than other wig ordering tools that are on the market. Have a look at our collection of ordering tools and get started today on finding that perfect solution.


    Hair wig tape is a double-sided medical tape that you can use on your skin. It comes in different shapes, sizes, and strengths to suit what you need it for - whether it is strips or dots. You also have the choice of buying hair wig tape in rolls or singles!


    To keep your wig in place, you can attach silicone strips or patches to the side of the head where it will be sitting. You can also add hair wig tape to a wig that already has silicone patches or strips where it positions in front of your ears.


    ● To ensure the hair wig tape sticks, make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying it.


    ● Cut hair wig tape strips to the desired length, enough for all the areas where you want to secure your wig.


    ● Peel the silicone backing off one side of the hair wig tape and place it onto the area where you want to secure your wig.


    ● When you are ready to put on your wig, carefully peel the hair wig tape off of one side and then slowly slide it over your head. Avoid touching the adhesive while doing so.


    ● Position your wig where you’d like it to be. Then, apply pressure to the hair wig tape in order for it to adhere better. If done correctly, you are ready to go!


    Wigs are great for making an instant change, but wearing a wig for a long time is different from popping one on and off at the start and end of the day. We recommend getting advice if you plan to wear it all day.


    To remove hair wig tape, you can use an alcohol-based adhesive or solvent remover. Dip your cotton ball in the solvent and gently dab along the hairline where the hair wig tape is attached to release its adhesion. Slowly pull up on your wig until it’s loose from any remaining pieces of hair wig tape that might be sticking around. If the hair wig tape hasn’t fully come off, just keep applying more adhesive remover - they'll soon come loose too!


    Once you’ve removed your wig, you can take off all the sticky leftover bits left from the hair wig tape from your skin with the adhesive remover. To remove the residue from inside the wig, you can use a microfiber towel. It is also recommended that you shower and moisturise after this process so that you remove the rest of the residual adhesive remover from either your hair or skin.