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    Women's wigs

    Wigs for women give back confidence to those women who are suffering hair loss. Hair loss in women is often so much more difficult to cope with that it is for men. It could even be described as traumatic for some but we are here to help. We believe we have created the best hair systems for women that will instantly have you feeling better about yourself. In no time you will be looking as good, if not better than you ever looked with your own hair.

    Women’s hair replacement systems are of course becoming more and more of a fashion statement these days so if you just want to wear one of our hairpieces for fashion purposes then we are certain we will have what you are looking for.

    Women's Hair Systems
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    Wigs FAQs

    Wigs are non-surgical hair replacement products that help women deal with hair loss and experiment with styling. Also referred to as women’s hair systems, hair toppers, and hair pieces, modern-day wigs for women are designed using real human hair hand-woven onto a base made of premium skin-friendly materials.


    Unlike hair recovery medications and treatments, hair wigs for women have zero side effects. Attached using clips, tape, or glue, hairpieces for women blend easily with real hair and help deliver a hyper-realistic realistic look.


    Both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs have their own advantages and many women use them for different circumstances. However, when it comes to a natural look, feel, and styling versatility, human hair wigs for women are considered the best!


    Unlike synthetic wigs, hair pieces for women don’t make the scalp feel itchy or uncomfortable. Such wigs comprise high-quality base materials which makes them breathable, durable, and long-lasting.


    Lordhair’s stock human hair wigs can be worn right out of the box with little to no styling which is another reason for women to go with human hair pieces over synthetic wigs.


    Many hair wigs on Lordhair’s website come in petite, average, and large (oversized) sizes. Average size wigs tend to fit about 90% of women. If you don’t know how to measure your head size, send us an email to support@lordhair.com. Our hair piece experts will guide you through the process.


    A hairpiece for women should only be replaced when it starts looking shabby and thins out. Good maintenance of the hair wigs helps with longevity, but wear & tear eventually happens. When the base wears away, it may become visible to others (which you don’t want obviously). Regular maintenance visits to a hair salon would help maintain shape and hair quality.


    We also suggest watching this video to learn how to maintain hair wigs at home:



    If you are a woman who is completely new to the world of hair wigs, consider staying close to your natural color (you can always experiment with color later). You can order our women’s color ring or make use of our hair wigs expert service by sending us a photo on support@lordhair.com. Our team will definitely help you select hair wigs that blend well with your real scalp hair and compliment your skin.