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    Hair Integration

    Our hair integration systems are perfect if you want to enhance the appearance of your own hair. If you have thinning hair, you can wear one of our integration hairpieces and simply pull your own hair through to instantly add volume and create your ideal look. Rest assured that all of our integration hairpieces (and also non-surgical hair replacement systems) are made of 100% human hair so that they blend seamlessly with your own hair.

    Hair Integration
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    Hair Integration FAQs

    An integration wig is a type of wig whereby your own hair is pulled through the netting, so it blends in with the wig. Hair integration wigs are sought-after because you can do all your daily activities, like swimming and sleeping, in them. If you choose an online supplier like Lordhair you can get them for way less than at a salon, which often charges upwards of $1,000. Lordhair integration wigs start from just $239. Also check out our collection of hair toupees for men if your partner is also going through hair loss.


    Mesh integration can last from 1 to 2 months depending on how quickly your own hair grows. However, with integration wigs, you remove them every 1-2 months to clean them and fit them back at the root of the hair. But the lifespan of an integration wig can be up to a year or more, depending on how you care for the hair. If you buy an integration wig with human hair you can style it as you would your own hair, including using heat tools. However, this is not recommended often to ensure the longest lifespan possible of your hair integration wig. Occasional styling is no problem as integration wigs are designed to withstand this. You are also able to sleep and swim in an integration wig.


    Hair integration wigs work by pulling real hair carefully through the holes in the wig. Once hair is pulled through the holes in the mesh, the wig hair will be integrated with real hair, making it look extremely natural. Wearing an integration wig gives you extra volume on the top of your head and is perfect for women who are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss.


    Once hair is pulled through the mesh holes it is secured in place either by tying or by using tape tabs.


    Before application onto the head integration wigs can also be dyed or highlighted to match the exact shade of your hair. Often your bio (own) hair and integration wig at dyed in the same color separately to get right in at the roots of the hair system.


    You can wash a hair integration system as you would your normal hair. You may want to use softer hands when washing it in the shower, and not be too vigorous when scrubbing your head. It is best to use a non-clarifying shampoo on your integration wig as it is softer. When drying the integration wig you should try to let it air dry most of the time, if you do want to blow dry it, try to let it air dry as long as possible, and then finish with a blow dry at the end. This will protect the integration wig from too much damage over time.


    Did you know you can even go swimming in an integration wig? If you go swimming occasionally it is absolutely fine to wear your integration, but you will want to make sure that you wash the integration wig thoroughly afterwards to get out all of the bleach.


    Mesh hair integration is a type of integration wig that is attached by pulling your own natural hair holes in a mesh. On to the mesh human hair is attached, meaning your hair will blend into the hairs already attached onto the mesh, creating greater volume, and covering over hair loss and thinning hair where you own hair is lacking. An integration wig with human hair is one of the best ways for women to cover hair loss on the crown that results due to trichotillomania and other hair loss conditions.