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    Featured support answers

    Where is your company located?

    Our headquarters are based in the United States, with a branch office in the United Kingdom, and our manufacturing facilities are located in Asia. And we ship all over the world!

    How long does delivery take?

    Delivery takes around one week wherever you are and often takes just 3-5 business days. For some special regions, we will use other express or postal services and the shipping time will be subject to the particular situation.

    How do I match my hair color?

    To match your hair color, we recommend sending us a sample of your hair under natural lighting. Alternatively, you can use our online color matching guide, which includes detailed instructions and tips for selecting the closest match from our extensive color chart.

    This is very difficult to answer as it depends on the base design of the hair system and how well the wearer looks after their hair system.
    In short, the more natural the appearance of the hair system, the shorter the lifespan.

    Here are the lifespans of certain types of hair systems for your reference:

    1. • 1 - 2 months for 0.03mm ultra - thin skin hair systems and swiss lace hair systems
    2. • 2 - 4 months for 0.06 - 0.08mm super thin skin hair systems and French lace hair systems
    3. • 4 - 6 months for 0.10 - 0.15mm thin skin hair systems and mono hair systems
    4. • +6 months for NPU hair systems

    No hair system can be both truly natural and durable. You will have to decide what is more important to you because the more natural the system looks, the less durable it is. If you are considering a full thin skin hair system then you shouldn't opt for the thinnest skin and you shouldn't opt for the thickness skin either - you should consider a skin base with a medium thickness.

    Or, you might want to think about hair systems that combine different base materials and different characteristics.

    So, something like our Vigor model could be a good option because it has a hard-wearing fine mono top but a very realistic French lace front.

    They all have full thin skin bases so, to the naked eye, they all look the same. The difference lies in the thickness of the thin skin base and the way the hair is ventilated/attached.

    UTS: 0.03mm skin with knotless, V-looped hair all over

    SuperSkin-V: 0.06mm skin with knotless, V-looped hair all over

    SuperSkin: 0.08mm thin skin with knotless, V-looped hair along the front hairline and single splits knots elsewhere.

    Be aware that the thinner the skin, the more natural the appearance but the shorter the lifespan of the hair system and that knots are more secure than V-loops.

    Yes, but we recommend you cancel as soon as possible. As long as production has not begun, we can refund you the full cost of your order. However, once production has started we can only refund you 50% of the cost of the order.

    Yes, you can. All our men's stock hair systems have a graduated front hairline which means there is a lighter density at the very front as is the case with our own hair.
    When it comes to custom orders, we could also use a lighter density around the edge so your hair system will blend in better with your own hair (if it is particularly thin, for example).

    Yes, the default color of the lace material we use is 'flesh' that is suitable for all skin types. It will be invisible-like regardless of your skin color. However, you can select from brown and black lace for custom orders.

    Remy hair is higher quality hair because of the way it is gathered and processed. Remy hair is still human hair and it is naturally sleek, shiny and smooth and will remain this way longer than regular hair. Since all its cuticles are kept intact and point in the same direction there will be less tangling and matting.