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    Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Systems

    We stock and custom make a wide variety of non-surgical hair replacement systems including toupees and partial hairpieces for men. A full head of hair is not a distant dream if you choose modern hair replacement systems from Lordhair. Whether you need a stock hair system right away or want nothing less than perfection through customization, we can deliver both at an unmatched price. 

    Lordhair is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of non-surgical hair replacement systems in the world. Go ahead and find the right hairpiece for you! 

    Hair Systems
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    Hair Replacement Systems FAQs

    Non-surgical hair replacement systems eliminate the risks associated with medical treatments like surgery and topical medications. Lordhair's hair recovery products (popularly known as hair systems, hair wigs for men, toupees, hairpieces, and units) cater to diverse hair loss conditions and styling needs. They provide a comfortable solution for hair loss related to alopecia, medical conditions, or lifestyle.


    The lifespan ranges from 1 month to a year depending on usage intensity, base type, and maintenance. The lifespan of hair systems varies from product to product. You can check out the expected length of time you can wear your chosen hair system base in the table below:


    Skin (aka Thin Skin or poly) 0.03mm ultra-thin skin hair systems 1-2 months
    0.06mm super thin skin hair systems 2-4 months
    0.08-0.15mm thin skin hair systems 4-6 months
    Lace Hair Systems French lace hair systems 2-4 months
    Swiss lace hair systems 1-2 months
    Mono (Monofilament) Hair Systems Mono & lace hair systems 3-5 months
    Mono & NPU hair systems 4-6 months
    Hybrid Hair Systems Skin & lace hair systems 2-4 months
    Lace & mono hair systems 23-6 months
    Skin & mono hair systems 2-6 months
    French Front French Front & Skin 2-4 months
    French Front & Mono 3-6+ months
    NPU (aka PU) Perimeter Fine Mono & PU Perimeter Fi6+ months
    French Lace & PU Perimeter 4-6+ months


    There are five popular types of bases for hair replacement systems, including lace base, skin(polyurethane) base, monofilament(mono) base, silk base and hybrid base. Each is suited to different lifestyles and aesthetic preferences.


    Sleeping in a toupee hair replacement system is pretty common practice. Make sure you get the right satin pillow since a regular one might damage the strands during movements.


    Yes, Lordhair's hair systems are designed for extended wear. During this time, you can wash your hair or go to the swimming pool. No problem!