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    New Users Complementary Set


    SuperSkin-V and Hair System Essentials for New Users

    For all those who want to learn how to wear a hairpiece quickly. Here is everything you need to wear a hair system.

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    Discover in the box:
    - SuperSkin-V
    The men's hair piece is made with knots and the front 1/2" knotless V-loop ventilation technique which lets you style your hair freely in any direction.

    -Men's Color Ring for Stock Hair Supplements
    This color ring shows you all the colors we have available for our stock hair systems for men.

    -UH-34W3 - Ultra Hold Tape Roll
    Transparent adhesive tape, width 3/4 inchs, length 3 yards. Depending on temperature, humidity and body oils, this tape can last 2-4 weeks. Water proof, can take a shower or shampoo when you wear it. 

    -Super Tape CC
    Supertape can last up to a month. It is transparent and odorless. It doesn't melt as much as other tapes and is easier to clean up after removal. CC Contour can be used on the front or back edge.

    -Measuring Tape
    The measuring tape will be useful in taking measurements for a base size.

    -Marking Pencil * 2/Pencil sharpener*1
    The marking chalk is an indispensable tool for marking and marking the sizes of the hair system base when sewing and stitching. 

    -Tail Comb
    This comb is designed for hair systems. The teeth are smooth and not that sharp to protect the base of the hair system.

    -Wig Holder
    Display and hold your hair system in perfect shape

    Below are the specifications of this men’s hair system:

    • Base Design: Transparent 0.06mm-0.08mm super thin skin base with V-looped hair all over
    • Base Size: 8’’x10’’
    • Base Material Color: Transparent
    • Front Contour: Standard
    • Hair Length: 5"
    • Hair Density: Medium-light (100%)
    • Hair Type: 100% Human hair (Gray hair is synthetic, color 1B65, 1B80, 260, 280, 365, 365, 380, 565, 580 is human gray hair)
    • Curl & Wave: Slight wave (30mm)
    • Hair Direction: Freestyle
    • Advantages: Undetectable, air light, easy to attach and clean, easy to be styled freely
    • Delivery: Shipment takes place within 24 hours. If you want us to cut the base size down or cut and style the hair before shipment, please allow an additional 1-3 working days.
    • Kind Reminder: Please cut the excess skin material before you attach the hair system.


    Questions you may be concerned about:

    1. How to know my base size?

    Length: Place the tape measure at the center of the front hairline, and measure directly across the middle of the head.

    Width: Place tape measure at one side of the head, the beginning point should be 1" distance from the temple point, then go up across the top to the opposite side (also 1" back from the temple point).

    2. Can I swim, shower, or sleep or ride a motorbike with my hair system on?

    Absolutely! You can do all of these activities and much more. Wearing a hair system shouldn't stop you from doing anything. Just be aware that when it comes to swimming in pools, the chlorine can be harmful to the hair and make it drier. So, we would recommend you deep condition the hair after you go swimming to help revitalize the hair.  

    3. How often should I clean my hair system?

    We recommend not cleaning your hair system too often as handling it and cleaning it can cause hair shedding to happen more quickly. Generally speaking, once every two weeks should be enough.

    4. How do you remove a hair system?

    Simply take some citrus-oil-based or alcohol-based solvent remover and spray it around the perimeter of the hair system or wherever you applied tape or glue. After a couple of minutes, the adhesive will loosen and you will then be able to remove your hair system.

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