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curl & wave chart

Our curl and wave chart is a very useful, little tool that will show you all the curl and wave possibilities that we offer. We can supply these charts in large quantities if necessary.

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A curl and wave chart can show you different curl and wave of the hair, to help you find out which curl should be yours. You can compare and find out a curl that might suit you best.

curl & wave chart

curl & wave chart

We usually use 'words' to describe different curl and wave, for example ' body wave' 'medium curl' etc. To help understand better, please refer to below picture.

Curl chart is ready to ship, if have any questions regarding it, please feel free to send email to

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An excellent two in one. You have a range of curl patterns — even for afro hair!!! You also get to choose between grey percentages for those who might need a visual of the amount of grey each percentage consists of. Absolutely perfect.

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