Base Cutting Service


Base Cutting Service

Size the base to suit your hair loss area. Professional cutting service.

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Kindly note that for orders requiring cut-to-size services, shipping will be about 2-3 days after your order is completed.

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Is your hairloss smaller than the base size options on our website? Don’t worry! We can cut it for you.

If you want a hair system that is ready to glue straight away, we can cut your hair system base down to your exact head measurements. No fuss, ready to attach immediately, no risk of cutting it wrong.

Why choose our Base Cutting Service?
Risk-free (if you cut it yourself, you risk cutting it too small)
Ready-to-wear immediately
No-fuss - we do it for you
Professional, perfect cutting

This service will simply take 2 extra days to get to you. When you place your order, you simply choose the Base Cutting Service option, and then input your measurements where indicated.

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