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    Hair Toppers for Women

    We can customize women’s hair toppers to provide you with the most perfect of new looks for yourself. Our hair toppers sit on the top part of your head and use only the most natural-looking human hair to put an end to your thinning crown or sparse parting area

    Our range of hair toppers will suit you whether you wear a hair topper for fashion purposes or medical conditions. Choose from Remy, non-Remy and Virgin hair or share your preferences with us and we will do our best to accommodate them. Customize your hair topper any way you please.

    Toppers for Women
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    Hair Toppers FAQs

    A hair topper for women is a small piece of material made from lace or polyurethane attached to the head, onto which hair is knotted. It’s a specific type of women’s wig, which is smaller than those that cover the whole head. This type of hair topper is specifically for women who have thinning hair on the crown. They are usually attached with clips, but they can also be glued onto a shaved scalp if hair loss is extreme.


    Lordhair has an extensive range of hair toppers with free and fast shipping.


    Hair toppers have not been known to cause hair loss if used correctly. Hair loss is the condition from which one is suffering before deciding to wear a hair topper, and is the reason for wearing one. If you do not carefully unclip your hair, you may risk damage to your remaining strands and this causes pull on them. If you brush hair straight and orderly before clipping on, and unclip your hair topper correctly when you want to remove it, there will not be any excess damage to further deteriorate hair condition.


    If you glue your hair topper on, it is advised by Lordhair to do so on a shaved scalp, this allows for the cleanest application that does not cause hair loss, because you have shaved on hairs, there will be no pull on stands of hair.


    A hair topper for women is an excellent choice for women worried about hair loss as they cover up hair loss and do not cause it.


    Yes, they are made of 100% human hair and an ultra-thin material as the base. Once on the head and clipped in place, they appear like real hair. They can even be styled like real hair with styling tools! When wearing a topper, it does not cover the whole head so you may need to brush hair in a way to ensure that it covers the hair topper correctly.


    The parting on hair toppers for women looks extremely natural because toppers are made using thin lace or a food wrap-like material and hairs are tied, and then usually bleached so there are no visible dots on the hair topper.


    Yes! If you have crown hair thinning, a hair topper is the best way to create thick luscious volume instantly. A Lordhair women’s hair topper is a piece of material with hair tied onto it which molds to the shape of the head and looks like real hair.


    You can hide thinning hair buy using a hair topper which looks like real hair. It adds thicker volume to the crown area and is smaller and more comfortable than a full-sized wig. Hair toppers are also cheaper than full cap wigs and can last over a year if clips are used. A hair topper can successfully cover the crown area which may have experienced hair loss due to stress or hereditary.

    Men can check out our collection of toupee wigs and men’s hair pieces to recover quickly from bald spots and crown thinning.