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    Little Heroes Hair

    A wig, A smile,
    A happier child.

    Little Heroes Hair by Lordhair

    Little Heroes Hair is Lordhair's social outreach arm.
    Our mission is to help every child suffering from hair loss, be it a medical condition or otherwise.
    Every child deserves to lead a normal and happy life.

    Here are some children we have helped


    Giulio is in the third grade and his favorite subject is math. He was born with many allergies to various foods, and in recent years was diagnosed with allergies to dust, grass, and mites. In March 2020, bald spots started to appear on his head. After visiting experts and receiving physiotherapy, his condition did not improve. His mother, Stefania, got in contact with Lordhair through her salon – and one of our partner salons , L'Uomo salon in Turin - which helped pick out and size up the correct wig for Giulio. Lordhair then created a bespoke wig with a cap size to fit his smaller head helping to restore that happy, smiling face that you can see.


    Ben was 15 years old when he was diagnosed with alopecia, causing almost all of his hair to fall out. At the formative age of 15, children feel very self-conscious about their appearance in front of their peers and the last thing they want is to have to worry about something like hair loss. That’s why Lordhair was so happy to be able to help pick a comfortable and suitable base for Ben and tailor the density and wave to Ben's original hair type.


    Kayla is 10 years old and was diagnosed with alopecia in 2020 which resulted in all her hair falling out. This was devastating for a happy, bubbly girl like Kayla who simply wanted to fit in with her friends at school and be a girl with long, beautiful hair. Kayla's parents got in touch with Lordhair and a member of our team helped them and Kayla to pick out the best wig for Kayla. We carefully designed a smaller base complete with Kayla's desired hair color and length. The wig has helped Kayla to feel much happier and worry much less about her medical condition meaning she can enjoy playing with her friends once again.

    Our wishes

    We provide intricately-made custom wigs for children suffering from hair loss at no cost to the parents

    A child's smile is priceless and at Lordhair, we strive to return these wonderful smiles to the faces of children the world over.

    Let us help you

    If your child is under 18 years old and suffers from hair loss because of an illness or medical condition, we kindly invite you to fill out the online form below.

    We would be honored to fully customize a wig for your child and ship it to you at our own expense.❤️

      Up to 3 pictures can be uploaded, each picture no longer than 5M