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    Hair Toppers for Men

    Our stock human hair toppers provide you with an instant and long-term solution to your thinning hair. Our hair toppers use real human hair and you are assured the most realistic of looks when you blend them with your own hair.

    We offer a complete range of different hair toppers to suit your personal preferences and lifestyle so you can choose from French or Swiss lace, thin skin or monofilament bases or a combination of base materials.  

    All our human hair toppers can be shipped out immediately after payment and you can then expect your new hair system within a week. So, browse our collection of hair toppers to find the ultimate solution to your hair loss!

    Hair Toppers for Men
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    Men's Hair Toppers FAQs

    A men's hair topper is a solution to hair loss that uses a material base with human hair attached to it. Once stuck on the scalp, it looks just like real hair and can be worn whilst sleeping, swimming and doing other forms of exercise. A men’s hair topper covers the top crown area of the head, where most men experience initial balding, it does not cover the sides and nape.


    A men's hair topper consists of a base and hair. The base can be made from polyurethane (a plastic, food wrap-like material), lace or mono (a sturdy fiber netting). Men’s hair toppers are one of the best ways to restore hair due to hair loss, and achieve a full head of natural looking hair.


    You can buy a men’s hair topper (also referred as hair toupee and hair system) from Lordhair, directly on the website. It is fast, easy and convenient. If you don’t know which men’s hair topper to choose, Lordhair provides dozens of informational videos and a dedicated customer service team, ready to help you pick out a men’s hair topper that is perfect for you.


    Anywhere between 1 month to a year. The lifespan of a men’s hair topper depends on material type and how well the user cares and maintains his men’s hair topper. Polyurethane thin skin men’s hair toppers last from 1-2 months. Thicker polyurethane bases mixed with lace can last from 2-4 months and mono bases (a sturdy fibrous netting) can last 5 months and up. The lifespan of a men’s hair topper is also influenced by how well it is cared for. If it is removed delicately with a debonder and hairs are not pulled at, but brushed carefully, then a hair system can last much longer.


    It is important to note that after a certain time, the men’s hair topper will become less dense because hair will naturally fall out. However, even when the hair sheds, it is still possible to wear the hair system until you reach the point where the density becomes too thin for your preference. Some men have purchased a medium density men’s hair topper and wore it until it became a light density men’s hair topper due to hair system shedding.Past this point, it is time to replace your hair patch with a fresh, new year.


    No, a men’s hair topper will not fall off. Attached with wig tape or glue, they stay on the head for up to a month, when it is removed, cleaned and reattached. You can swim, shower and sleep in a men’s hair topper, you can even drive at 60 mph in a men’s hairpiece! For the duration it is on your head, it will not fly off, and a men’s hair topper needs to be removed carefully, with debonding spray and a hairdryer.


    Buy a men’s hair topper for a thinning crown. It will cover the entire balding area with real human hair and create the appearance of real hair. A men’s hair topper is the most cost-effective, risk-free and natural-looking method for covering a balding or thinning crown. You can choose a hair topper in any color or length, and it can be cut and styled and cut by a stylist before it is sent to you. In just 7 days, you can create the look of a full head of hair and cover balding with a Lordhair men’s hair topper.