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    What Is a Hair System?

    The above title is a question the writer of this article has recently been asked several times. Among native English speakers, the mentioning of the word "hair system" more often than not draws blank expressions across people's faces.


    So what is a hair system? Well, you'd struggle to find a definition in any dictionary. Best to just think of it as a wig. Except it is better than a wig. You could say that a hair system is the modern-day wig or the preferred term for a wig in the hair replacement industry. A hair system is actually the cost-effective and easy solution to hair loss. You can simply attach it to your head using tape or glue and it will blend in seamlessly with your own hair to give the illusion of a full head of hair. Our full range can be viewed here.


    The average person is familiar with the term, wig. However, when you compare the cheap wigs made from synthetic hair that you may have bought to complete your Halloween outfit to say a highly realistic, 100% human hair, French lace hair system then there really is no comparison, hence the creation of and the need for the word, hair system. We offered an explanation in a previous blog about the possible confusion over the various words (i.e. toupees, hair replacement systems, hairpieces) that you will see and hear in reference to hair replacement solutions. You can read that here to give yourself some more clarity on the matter. 

     French Lace Hair System


    The fact of the matter is that you will see a variety of words to talk about hair systems when doing your research and making your purchases. People know the word wig so that's why you'll see it in titles and product descriptions for hair systems. Language evolves though and new words come to cement themselves into the consciousness of people over time. So in the future we can expect everyone to be fully in tune with just what a hair system is and to be comfortable in using it to differentiate it from a wig. In the meantime, just accept that for now, the two words are often used interchangeably. 


    Go and explore our website and see for yourself all the different terms but remember, they're all talking about the same thing: hair systems. If you do find something you're unsure about though or if you have queries over something then don't hesitate to get in touch with one of us.