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    Wigs for Bald Men

    We design and produce full cap hair systems (also known as men’s hairpieces and toupees) that covers the whole of your head and give you natural-looking head of hair wherever you look. These wigs for bald men are designed for fully bald often as a result of a medical condition such as alopecia or who are undergoing chemotherapy.

    We carefully craft our full caps hair systems in exactly the same way as our regular hair systems but they are larger and have a different shape as they are designed to be worn across the whole of the head. That means they extend down to the nape of the neck and can include the temple and sideburn area.

    Please see examples of the full cap hair systems we can do for you below but know that our full cap hair systems are all custom-made so we can make them to your specific requirements. All base designs are possible but lace and thin skin bases are most popular with our customers.

    Full Cap Hair Systems
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    Wigs for Bald Men FAQs

    As the name suggests, wigs for bald men are full head circumference hair systems that cover the entire head. Unlike a partial toupee for men which only covers a specific area of the scalp, no part of the scalp is left uncovered when you wear wigs for bald men. Not only do human hair wigs for bald men (also known as hair toupees and hairpieces) match with scalp skin color perfectly but they are also a great choice for styling, especially if you love using heat styling tools.


    Both human hair wigs for bald men and synthetic wigs for bald men are great choices depending on your budget and needs. However, men’s full cap human hair system offers the most natural look and feel. While they can be a bit expensive, wigs for bald men deliver the best of realness. The synthetic wigs for bald men on the other hand don’t rank very high in comparison.


    Human hair wigs for bald men are remarkably soft and have a shine and movement that cannot be spoofed by synthetic hair.


    These are six popular types of wigs for bald men if we take real hair into consideration:


    ● Chinese wigs for bald men


    ● Indonesian wigs for bald men


    ● European wigs for bald men


    ● Brazilian wigs for bald men


    ● Remy wigs for bald men


    ● Indian wigs for bald men


    Men’s full cap hair system with Chinese hair is known to have thicker denier which results in the strands being super straight. They are more resistant to curls. Although they can be slightly complex to style, wigs for bald men with Chinese human hair can provide men a hyper-realistic look nevertheless.


    Full cap hair wigs with Indian human hair are one of the most common wigs for bald men used by men for overcoming hair loss. They blend well with just about any hair, most especially Caucasian. Wigs for bald men with Indian human hair bring hair that looks and behaves like real scalp hair. Indian wigs for bald men for men are smooth, pocket-friendly, and don’t tangle easily.


    Shop men’s hair extensions for balding with Lordhair.