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    Frontal Hair Systems

    Struggling to mask your receding front hairline? Does it seem to be sliding further and further back? Our men’s frontal hairpieces could be just what you are looking for! You won’t need to worry about having to shave the whole of the top of your head as these non-surgical hair replacement systems are designed to be worn at the very front of your scalp. With one of our undetectable front hair systems, you will have that perfect-looking front hairline again!

    We have a more natural thin skin frontal hairpiece and a more durable monofilament piece in stock. Both come in two different sizes and in a variety of hair colors. You will have a hairline to be proud of in no time again as these frontal hair wigs for men can be shipped out immediately!

    Frontal Hair Systems Frontal Hair Systems

    Frontal Hairpiece for Men FAQs

    Surgical hair restoration methods like FUT, FUE, and Strip harvesting come with their share of risks. This is not the case with frontal hair systems for men. Our partial hair systems are used worldwide to treat receding hairlines and get back a full head of hair. Whether you lost your hair to a medical condition, stress, hormonal changes, or a bad lifestyle, our stock frontal men’s hairpieces can aid recovery with ease.


    The lifespan of a frontal hairpiece for men can range between a month and a year depending on a base type and maintenance. Its lifespan also depends on how it’s used and the lifestyle of the wearer.


    Sleeping in a frontal hairpiece (also sometimes referred as partial toupees) for men is completely okay.A lot of males go for a semi-permanent fix since it eliminates the need for attaching and detaching every day. However, please note that sleeping with your frontal hairpiece for men attached will shorten its life. This happens because of pressure on strands of the hair system all night.


    A hat (or any headgear for that matter) is not the best solution for hiding receding hairline. A frontal hairpiece for men is a better option because it doesn't fall off and delivers a natural look. Headgear may be used for temporary hair thinning but if your hair loss is permanent, then, we recommend a frontal hairpiece for men.


    You totally can! Hair strands of our stock frontal hairpieces for men are natural and they look nothing less than real hair. In case you don’t have the time for a wash or touch-up to make your frontal hair system look prim, wearing a hat is completely fine.