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    Additional Services

    What Are Lordhair Services?

    You no longer need to make a custom order and wait 8+ weeks for a system! Most services take just 1-2 extra days as we take an off-the-shelf hair system and make a few minor adjustments before sending it straight out to you.


    When you purchase a ready-to-wear (RTW) Lordhair hair system for men, you don’t need to stick with the as-is, out-the-box hair system. You can make slight alterations to your ready-to-wear hair system that make it more personal. These include the cutting & styling of your hair system, cutting the base down to match your hair loss pattern, perming the hair to curly amongst many other additional services.


    Let’s discuss all the additional services available with Lordhair.

    Lordhair will cut and style any hair system for you and send it direct to you. You’ll receive a hairpiece that can be stuck on and worn out immediately – no hair alterations needed!


    Lordhair provides a number of haircut designs that you can easily pick. You don’t need to be a hair expert; we provide all the inspiration and you simply pick the style you like. We cut it and send it.


    If you have a picture of your favourite haircut, you can simply send it to us and we’ll cut it accordingly. If you know your exact cut measurements, we can also cut it accordingly too, you simply fill in the length for each section of hair.


    Lordhair Haircut & Style Service

    Imagine, you’ve selected the perfect base and hair, and it’s being shipped out to you. Once it arrives, you have to wait to book it in to get it cut, as you can’t wear it on your head straight out the box!


    Have no fear, with the Lordhair Cut & Style Service, you can wear it straight out the box. You simply click on the hairstyle you like, or send us a picture, and we'll cut it and send it out to you. You can wear it on the day you receive it.

    Lordhair will cut and style any hair system for you and send it direct to you. You’ll receive a hairpiece that can be stuck on and worn out immediately – no hair alterations needed!


    Lordhair provides a number of haircut designs that you can easily pick. You don’t need to be a hair expert; we provide all the inspiration and you simply pick the style you like. We cut it and send it.


    If you have a picture of your favourite haircut, you can simply send it to us and we’ll cut it accordingly. If you know your exact cut measurements, we can also cut it accordingly too, you simply fill in the length for each section of hair.


    And what’s more you can make a MASSIVE saving. A salon fit & cut can cost upwards of $200, a Lordhair Cut & Style is just $20. That’s a tenth of the price!

    How to Select Lordhair Cut & Style


    Method 1: Add the hairstyle from the Accessories page


    1. Go to Accessories > Services > Haircut Service
    2. Navigate to Choose your hairstyle in the sidebar and pick the hairstyle you like
    3. You can also either add your own measurements or submit a picture
    4. Once your option is chosen, add to cart

    Select Lordhair cut & style

    Method 2: Add your hairstyle on the product page


    1. Select your desired product from the product page
    2. In the sidebar under Hair Color, choose the Hair Cut option, then pick the hairstyle you like
    3. You can also either add your own measurements or submit a picture
    4. Once your option is chosen, add the hair system to cart

    What Lordhair Hairstyles Can I Choose?


    There are dozens of hairstyles to choose from with the Lordhair Cut & Style service. You can find out all about our different hairstyles here. 


    Wig and Hair System Perm Service

    The Lordhair Perm service is essentially an addon service whereby you can choose any Lordhair ready-to-wear hair system, pick whichever level of perm (in other words curliness) you like, and we will perm it for you and send it to you ready to put on immediately. 

    There are a few different levels of perm to choose from, including an Afro. Yes! You can even get an Afro hair system for men, or a women’s Afro wig with the Lordhair Perm Service.

    Let’s have a look at the different curl types available with the Lordhair Perm Service:


    Silky Straight Wig

    Silky Straight Wig

    The silky straight hair option from Lordhair allows you to achieve a hairstyle with is pin-straight. Hair has been permed dead-straight. This hair perm is not advised for the majority of short hairstyles (shorter than 6’’), as it will lie flat on the head and there will be little volume.

    This type of perm is perfect for long women’s wigs and you can choose this option for an ultra-straight, silky smooth wig for women.


    Natural Straight Wig for Men and Women

    A natural straight wig is perfect for almost any type of hair system, for both men and women. Hair will look naturally straight, but still retain a bounce in the hair.

    Natural Straight


    30mm Curl Hair System

    A hair system with a curl of 30mm is the curl available on all ready-to-wear stock hair systems for men. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve a natural look, the ready-to-wear hair systems are the best option for you – no Perm Service needed!

    30mm Curl Hair System


    25mm Curly Hair System for Men

    A hair system permed to 25mm is perfect to achieve a Kit Harrington haircut, or even a Harry Styles haircut. Curls are natural and easy to manage and are similar to the curl you can achieve with a pair of commercial curlers – without the effort! We have pre-permed your hair system for you. 

    25mm Curly Hair System for Men

    20mm Curly Men’s Hair System

    This curly men’s toupee would also achieve the Kat Harrington look you are looking for, curls will be slightly tighter. It is a perfect toupee for Caucasian men with curly locks, or for Arab and Asian men to achieve a perfect hairstyle.

    20mm Curly Men’s Hair System

    You can wear this permed hair system long or short, the longer it is the curlier it’ll look.


    15mm Men’s Curly Hair System

    This is the curliest hair system Lordhair offers before you get into Afro territory. It is for men with extremely curly hair, that is not quite Afro. This option is perfect for men that want to create curly hair if it is not natural to them, as with a men’s toupee you can create any look you want!

    15mm Men’s Curly Hair System

    8mm Men’s Afro Man Weave

    You can achieve an Afro man weave with almost any ready-to-wear hair system from Lordhair. You simply select an additional option, and we’ll perm it for you. The 8mm permed men’s Afro wig is the loosest of the Afro curl options that Lordhair provides. If you are unsure of your own curl type, if you are fully bald, you can choose any perm level you wish as you don’t need to blend it in with your natural hair. If you have natural Afro hair to blend it in with, you can consult your local hairdresser to tell you the curl type you have and which man weave perm to choose with Lordhair.

    8mm Men’s Afro Man Weave

    6mm Men’s Afro Wig

    A 6mm Afro wig is the second tightest man weave perm option. If you want to cut your Afro wig down before it arrives, so it is ready to fit straight onto your head, then you can! With the Lordhair Cut & Style Service, you can get your men’s wig permed and cut for you prior to sending it out. That way, you don’t even need to go to a salon, you can shave your head and stick your man weave onto your head at home. 

    6mm Men’s Afro Wig

    4mm Afro Wig for Men

    The 4mm Afro hair man wave is the tightest Afro curl you can choose from Lordhair. It will help you achieve the curliest Afro possible and help you to get the look of your favourite Afro American celebrities, such as Idris Elba.

    4mm Afro Wig for Men

    Repair an Old Hair System

    Do you have a hair system that is:


    • A hair system from another supplier and needs fixing
    • A toupee from Lordhair that has been worn that needs a few minor fixes (a small tear, etc)
    • A toupee from Lordhair from which some hairs have fallen out (or have a bald patch)


    If your men’s toupee corresponds to any of the above, we will happily fix your toupee for you. It is as simple as sending it back to us. We will repair it for you and send your men’s toupee back to you, good as new.

    Repair an Old Hair System

    What is a Repair for a Hair System?

    What repair service covers?

    1. Professional cleaning

    Removes glue and other residue from the base of the hair system and gets your men’s toupee looking good as new.

    1. Mending base tears

    If you have a PU base or a hair system with a PU, we will brush on a new layer of PU onto the PU perimeter.

    1. Lace front change

    Edges fray over time, replacement achieves a more natural look and tops up the hairs at the front.

    1. Hair refill

    Loose hairs are removed and replaced with new hair that is color and density matched.

    Check out this video to see if your hair system is suitable for repairs


    When Can I NOT Get a Hair System Repair?

    If your hair system has too many hairs that have shed, the cost of repair will eventually become more than the cost of replacement, in which case you are best off ordering a new men’s toupee. 


    There are also some hair systems that have been too worn and torn to be repaired. When you place an order, we will be in contact with you to assist you directly in preparing your toupee hair system before you send it back to us. If your hair system is not suitable for repair, we will refund 100% of your order.


    If you have any questions before placing your order, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at support@lordhair.com


    How to get a toupee repair

    If you want to repair your toupee, then you can do the following steps:

    1. Head to the Lordhair website and choose the Repair a Lordhair Hair System option
    2. Fill out a few details on the intuitive order portal
    3. Submit your order and pay
    4. Receive an email from our customer service team with our address to send your hairpiece back to – you can print out this directly to send your package
    5. Download a CN22 Customs Declaration Form and fill it out (to clear customs easily and avoid delays)
    6. Prep your hairpiece, include the documents AND your order number, email and name in the box and send it to the given address
    7. Wait 9-12 weeks for a completely repaired men’s hair system


    No Hair System for 9 Weeks – What to Do?

    In the interim, you may want to buy a new hair system for men. It is in fact ALWAYS advisable to have a spare hair system on hand, whether you have a hair system to repair or not, you will want to have a hair system sitting spare in case you have any delays to an order.


    Lordhair Pick-up Service

    The Lordhair Pick-up Service is the easiest way to send us your base template and hair sample. You don’t even need to leave your house! Simply add the add-on service to your basket at checkout, we will contact you for arranging your pick up, you sit back and wait for us to take your hair sample off your hands. Once we receive your hair system base template and hair sample, we will match up your hair color and keep them on record, so we can refer to them for every order with us.


    With this service, we will pay the courier charge with and then charge you the shipping cost. 


    Here’s how it works:

    1. You purchase the pick-up service.
    2. Lordhair will send you a debit note for payment of the courier charge once we begin to process your order.
    3. You tell us your full address (including postcode and phone number), Lordhair will call the courier company to pick up the package from your address.
    4. You prepare and securely pack the items (see below for how to prepare a hair system base template and hair sample for hair systems).
    5. Lordhair will send you an air waybill via email. Please print and sign the documents attached in the email, then attach it to the package that contains your base template and hair sample.
    6. Lordhair will inform the courier company to pick up the package from your address.
    7. You wait for a call from the courier to confirm pick-up the day before it’s scheduled.
    8. FedEx picks up your item.
    9. Lordhair will confirm the arrival as soon as the package arrives and continue to communicate with you to confirm your hair color. 

    Lordhair Pick-up Service

    How to Create a Hair System Base Template

    To make a hair system base template for your toupee, you will need to do the following:


    Step 1
    Draw your hairline with a makeup pencil on your skin from temple to temple. If you will be using tape at the front of your new system, use the same shape tape as a stencil for this line.

    The placement of the hairline is established by placing three or four fingers flat on the forehead with the pinkie resting above the eyebrow line, where your index finger lies is where your front hairline should begin. Draw a line from this point to form your hairline. A hairline with a deeper recession looks the most natural rather than one that is too straight across. The deeper the recession the more natural look is obtained. Be careful not to place your hairline too far down. Use rubbing alcohol to erase the line if you need to try again.

     Create a Hair System Base Template

    Step 2
    The first thing you need to do is spray some water on your scalp, this will help you with the next step. Next, tear a 12” wide strip of plastic wrap long enough to tie under your chin (like a bonnet). Now place the wrap on your head and press the wrap tightly to your head and tie it under your chin in order to keep the wrap secure. Next use the tape to contour the head shape. Beginning at the forehead, place the transparent tape on the wrap over what will become the outer perimeters of the bald area pattern. The outer perimeters are determined by the areas of baldness.

     Create a Hair System Base Template

    Step 3

    In this next step the tape will lock the plastic wrap into a permanent transparent tape template of your scalp. Apply three layers of tape. Begin with the first layer going from front to back then overlap the second layer going side to side and the final layer should be front to back again. PLEASE DO NOT UNTIE THE PLASTIC WRAP FROM UNDER THE CHIN UNTIL THE LAST STEP IS FINISHED. If you do this will lead to an uneven base. 

     Create a Hair System Base Template

    Step 4
    While plastic wrap is still on your head, trace/draw pattern hairlines on the tape template with a permanent sharpie marker. Lines are drawn from that point (centre of front hairline you drew in Step 1) to form a pattern which covers the bald area. This pattern will establish the shape of your hair system base.

    After the entire outer perimeter of the pattern is drawn, the desired hair direction should be indicated. If a parting is desired, draw a line from a pivot point at the back of the crown to the front hairline. Placement of the pivot point should correspond to what can be seen of your original growth.

    After the entire outer perimeter is drawn, please indicate the front by marking “F” for front and “B” for back on the template. Also write your name and order number on this template.

     Create a Hair System Base Template

    Step 5
    Upon finishing marking the tape template, place one more layer of the transparent tape (now four) going from side to side. This should seal and protect the markings. Now your template is complete.

     Create a Hair System Base Template

    Step 6
    Carefully untie and remove the template from your head and cut the excess plastic wrap with scissors, along the outer perimeter of the line you drew. A wonderful tape template will be almost complete. Place it back on the bald area of your head to ensure it's the correct size and shape and you're done! Just go and send it to us together with your hair sample (we will show you how to make hair samples separately).

    Check out the video below to see how to create a base template for hair systems.


    How to Take a Hair System Hair Sample

    To take a hair system hair sample, you will need to note the following information below.

    Take a Hair System Hair Sample

    Take a Hair System Hair Sample


    If your hair is the same color all over, please just provide one sample. However, if your hair is a different color in different areas (e.g. you have more grey at the sides), for best results, please take samples from 3-6 areas:


    -Front: At the hairline or bang area (if possible)

    -Top: The front, top of your head (if possible)

    -Crown: The back, top of your head (if possible)

    -Temples: At the front most part of your hair on the sides

    -Sides: Approximately 1-2" above the top of your ear

    -Back: As close to the center of the back of your head as possible


    NOTE: Please cut a sample from each area and label each one, informing us what part of the head it came from (e.g. front, top, sides, crown, temple or back etc.). Please make sure the hair is clean. This is important because dirty hair will not show its true color.


    Hair System Hair Sample FAQ’s

    I don’t have any hair

    If you don’t have any hair, or in other words, are completely bald, then the world is your oyster, and you can essentially pick whichever hair color you wish. You may find there are some limitations due to skin color and ethnicity. A super thick Afro hair system will not suit a Caucasian gentleman, and a gray, straight, low-density will likely not suit a black gentleman. For best results it’s best to choose a hair system with hair resembling what you had before hair loss. Because you don’t have any existing hair to blend, you don’t have to be 100% accurate.


    My hair is too short to take a sample

    If your hair is too short, you have a few options:

    • Wait for hair at the sides to grow out to take a sample long enough
    • Submit the trimmings you can obtain with detailed pictures to your account holder
    • Do not submit a sample, but order a color ring to match yourself
    • Dye your hair system as well as bio hair with the same dye


    Lordhair Add Clips Service

    If you have a hair system, you may not want to stick it on with wig tape or wig glue. You might still have some hair on your crown which you do not want to shave, to avoid the problems of regrowth. 


    Here are some reasons you may want a clip-on hair system:

    • Avoid shaved hair re-growth
    • Take your men’s wig off each night
    • Increase longevity
    • Avoid damage in the shower or by sleeping
    • You only use a men’s toupee for special occasions


    Check out how to clip in a clip-on men’s hair toupee with celebrity hair stylist Aaron O’Bryan


    If you have identified the fact that a clip-on men’s hair system is best for you. How do you go about getting a clip-on hair system for men? There are a few ways. Let’s have a look.


    How to get clip-on hair systems


    • Buy a pre-clipped on hair system
    • Choose ANY hair system from Lordhair and get us to sew clips onto the wig
    • Sew clips on yourself


    Let’s have a closer look at these options in more detail.


    Ready-to-Ship Clip-on Hair Systems

    If you don’t want the fuss of an add-on service, you can go for Lordhair men’s hair systems that already have clips sewn on and are sitting in our warehouses ready to ship out to you.

    Our clip-on hair systems include the Lordhair Vigor-C – a lace front and fine mono top with thin skin, the Lordhair Hollywood Lace - French lace and thin skin perimeter, and Lordhair Royal-C - fine mono and PU perimeter.

    Clip-on Hair Systems


    Lordhair Clip-on Service


    The Lordhair Add Clips Service is an incredibly convenient way of creating a clip-on hair system. 


    Follow the below guide to add the Lordhair Add Clips service to your hair system.


    1. Choose any ready-to-wear men’s hair system, if you need assistance, our advisors are ready to help, send our chatbot a message! 
    2. Navigate to the Lordhair Add Clips Service.
    3. Purchase your items and leave an additional comment to let us know the hair system you’d like clips on.
    4. We will process your order, and sew them onto your hair system before shipping out to you, it’ll simply take an extra 2-3 working days only.


    “I purchased more than one system”

    If you purchase two systems and one Add Clips Service, don’t worry, you can add additional comments, or we will be in touch with you to confirm.

    “I want you to place clips in a certain place”

    If you have special instructions as to where you wish for us to sew them, that is no problem. After you’ve placed your order, send us the instructions to support@lordhair.com quoting your order number and product.

    Watch one of our customers showing you how he puts on his hair toupee with clips. He removes his hair system daily at night time, for showering and whilst round the house.


    Sew Hair System Clips on Yourself

    If you prefer to receive your hair system and customize it yourself, you can buy wig clips, and sew them on by yourself. This may be quicker if you need your toupee hairpiece ASAP.

    Watch our tutorial to learn how to sew clips on a toupee perfectly.


    Clip-on Service FAQ


    Can I sew clips on myself?

    Yes, you can! However you may prefer Lordhair to do it for you. Why? If you sew your clips on incorrectly, you risk damaging your hair system, which’ll not be guaranteed under warranty. With the Lordhair Clip-on Service, if your hair system has any other issues, as it is unworn, and unmodified, you can send it straight back to us.

    How long does it take to sew clips onto my hair system?

    It’ll take just an extra 2-3 working days to add clips onto your toupee.


    Lordhair Cut to Size Service


    Are you in the early stages of hair loss?


    Is your hair loss smaller than 8x10”?


    Do you want to shave as little of your head as possible?


    If you answered yes, then the Lordhair Cut to Size Service is for you!


    The cut to size service from Lordhair allows you to choose a ready-to-wear hair system in our warehouse, and we will cut it right down according to your requirements.


    Can I cut any toupee down to size?

    The short answer is no. Most hair systems can be cut, but due to the nature of the base type (e.g. a hair system with a PU perimeter whereby the skin material goes around the edge), some systems cannot be cut without cutting important parts of the base material out.


    Hair Systems You Shouldn’t Cut to Size

    Here is a list of the systems you are advised not to cut. Instead, you should choose the right size for you, they come in several different stock sizes!


    Neo Hair Systems for Men

    The Neo range of men’s hair system is a lace front and lace crown with a skin perimeter system. There are several different base size options, all of which can be found in the ready-to-wear men’s hair systems section.

    It is possible to cut the base down ever so slightly and within certain limits, as essentially you still need a certain amount of material to allow you to glue your hairpiece and not cut it out.

    To find out if you can cut a Neo or PU perimeter hairpiece, email us at support@lordhair.com where a personal advisor will take into account your hair loss and the product you want, and advise the best way to cut your hair system


    PU Perimeter Men’s Hair Systems

    Hair systems on which there is a perimeter of PU (polyurethane), can also not be cut without certain limitations, due to the nature of the hair system. The PU would be cut right out if the hair system was cut down to size, hence it is important to get the right hair system.


    Should I Cut My Toupee Myself?



    Precision and quality



    Cut-to-Size Service

    First rate


    +3 days

    Take to Salon

    Excellent, only if you find a good salon

    $40-60, it may be included in total price

    The time it takes to book an appointment

    Cut to Size at Home

    May not be professional standard


    Instantly once you receive your system


    Measure your Head for Cutting to Size

    If you want us to cut your hairpiece for you with the Lordhair Cut-to-Size service, we’ll need to know the size you want it to be cut to.

    For that you’ll need to take an accurate measurement of your hair loss and remember this so you can input the information into the order portal.

    Watch the video below to find out how to take your measurements accurately!


    How to Cut Your Toupee Base at Home


    If you choose to cut your toupee yourself, you’ll want to be careful and understand the process fully before cutting it. The video tutorial below will show you all you need to know to cut your hair system base down to size at home.

    You will want to cut your hair system base smaller

    Cut Your Toupee Base

    Check out the video below to see how you can cut your toupee down to size with a pair of scissors at home.

    How to Select Lordhair Cut-to-Size


    Method 1: Add to your basket

    If you want to cut your hair system base smaller, you can do it in one of two ways. The first is by placing your product order and add-on service order separately. When we come to process your order, we will confirm the hair system you wish to cut to size.

    How to:

    1. Navigate to Accessories > Services > Base Cutting
    2. Select Yes, cut to my size in the sidebar
    3. Select your measurements according to your length and width of hair loss
    4. Input and submit, then add to cart
    5. Place your order as normal



    Method 2: Add the option on the product page

    You can also add cut-to-size as an option on the product page. This is the best way to order, especially if ordering more than one hairpiece.

    How to:

    1. On the product page of the toupee hairpiece you wish to buy, navigate to the sidebar open up the options under Cut to Size
    2. Select your measurements according to your length and width of hair loss
    3. Input and submit
    4. Continue your product order and the base size will be cut on that product

    add option on the product page


    Excess Edge Trim Service


    What’s that extra frilly bit on the edge of the hair system? You don’t want it when you wear your hair system. Let us cut it off for you!


    The ‘extra bit’ occurs naturally during the process of making the hair system as it is needed as a margin of error during the production process.


    It also is useful for transporting the hairpiece to and from the factory and warehouses, to ensure the hairs at the very edge of the system stay intact. If it is cut off, they are more likely to become looser, especially during transport.


    When you put your men’s hair system on your head, you don’t want to keep these edge bits on, as you’ll see the material on your forehead. You want the material to be cut as close to the hair as possible without cutting the actual hair.


    This can be done by you at home, or we can do it for you by our professional team of hair stylists!

    Combined with our Hair Cut & Style Service, this means you can receive a hair system that needs no further alterations and can be put straight on your head.


    Density Thin Down Service


    The Density Thin Down Service is a service that turns a thicker or heavier hair system into a thinner system.

    You can choose to take off a certain percentage from the density of your men’s toupee.


    • -5%
    • -10%
    • -15%


    For example, if you have purchased a stock hair system in medium (120%), you can choose the Density Thin Down Service to reduce it down to 105%. Similarly, you could thin down a Medium-Light hair system to a light hair system.

    There are some limitations in how much hair can be plucked and thinned down. A medium-heavy system couldn’t become an extra-light hair system. However when you purchase your hair system, under the add-on services, you will see the percentages you can reduce the system by.

    Density Thin Down Service


    Having trouble? Our friendly team of product experts are here to help. Simply email support@lordhair.com if you want help selecting the right Density Thin Down option for you!