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    Wig Tapes

    Our wig tapes are popular for their strength and reliability. We have a comprehensive selection of hairpiece support tape to accommodate every individual need, from basic daily attachment to extended wear. Being the leading suppliers of wigs maintenance accessories, we also stock a line of specialized wig tape for bonding lace front hair systems. Our hair system tape and wig tape strips are made from quality skin-friendly materials that have medically approved adhesive and bonding lace. Meaning, our wig products bring the best in you!

    Maintenance & accessories
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    Wig Tapes FAQs

    Hair wig tapes are medical double-sided tapes that can be used on your skin and come in different shapes, sizes and strengths. Whether it is strips or dots, you can get what suits your needs – wig tapes also come in rolls.


    You’ll need to attach silicone patches or strips at the side of the head to keep your wig in place. You can also add wig tapes to wigs that have silicone strips or patches positioned in front of your ears.


    ● To make the wig tapes stick, remove any oils on your skin by washing it before applying them.


    ● Cut the wig tape strips to a length that is enough for all of the places you want to attach your wig.


    ● Peel one side of the silicone adhesive off the wig tapes and attach it to your desired area.


    ● When you’re putting on your wig, remember to peel the wig tapes from one side and then carefully slide it over your head. Touching the adhesive is not recommended.


    ● Make sure to position the wig on your head and then apply pressure to the wig tapes so that it sticks better. You are ready to go about your day if done correctly.


    It's a great idea to use a wig for an instant makeover, but it's important to get advice if you plan on wearing one all day and night long term. Wearing a wig for a day is different to wearing one for a longer time.


    To remove wig tapes, you can use solvent or alcohol-based adhesive remover. To release the adhesion from the wig tapes, dip your cotton ball in the solvent and carefully dab along the hairline where the wig tapes are placed. You can then carefully remove your wig from the remaining wig tapes pieces that may be left. If the wig tapes have not been removed then keep using the adhesive remover to remove all the pieces.


    Once you remove the wig, be sure to rid your skin of all the wig tapes adhesive with an adhesive remover. Next, take away the residue from inside the wig by using a soft microfiber towel and showering afterwards so that you remove any residuals from either your hair or skin.


    You can use wig tapes for different hair-related products including toupees, wigs and hair systems. Wig tapes can provide a long hold of 2 to 4 weeks. Wig tapes could potentially last up to 6 weeks depending on the humidity, temperature and your body oils. The hold length for wig tapes is different for everyone because of the variation in skin types.


    ● Hair wig tapes are available in various designs and lengths including pre-cut strips, spot tabs and a roll. You have the option to use each style until you find wig tapes that suit your personal preference.


    ● Some wigs come with polyurethane tabs, which have been designed for wig tapes that provide a stronger grip.


    ● Wig tapes secure your wig to your head very well, especially if you live an active lifestyle and need wig tapes that will provide you with the reassurance that your wig will not fall off.


    ● A wig tapes roll can last for a long time and so this makes wig tapes the better budget-friendly choice.