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    Bald Head Wig for Men

    Oversized hair systems are larger than regular hair systems. At Lordhair, we classify men's large head wigs as hair systems with base dimensions measuring between 8” x 10” (length x width) and 10” x 10”.They stay secure on the top of your head with tape or glue just the way regular hair systems do and the real human hair of them will blend in equally well with your own hair on the back and sides.

    So, if the hair loss area on the top of your head measures equal or more than 8” x 10”, we will recommend an men's large head wig. All our oversized hair systems are custom-made so we will make them to your exact measurements. That means you can choose the material we make the base of the hair system from as well as all features of the hair such as length, density and color.

    Below is a selection of large head wigs we can craft for you but the final design of the hair system is up to you.

    Oversized Hair Systems
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    Bald Head Wigs FAQs

    What kind of men should go for bald head wigs?


    Bald head wigs are considered the best hair replacement option for men who want their male hair unit to:


    ● Deliver undetectable hairline


    ● Look realistic


    ● Achieve 100% real human hair


    Shop bald head wigs from www.lordhair.com at the best price and discounts.


    A bald head wig is an easy solution to hide partial or complete baldness. Our bald head wigs for men (popularly referred as hair toupees and hair wigs for men) are worn worldwide to combat aggressive hair loss and get back a full head of hair. Unlike medications and surgical recovery options, bald head wigs have no side effects.


    Yes, it’s completely okay to sleep while wearing a bald head wig if you have opted for a premium hair patch for men. A lot of men prefer a semi-permanent hair system since it eliminates the requirement of attaching and detaching the bald head wig every day.


    Having said that, sleeping with a bald head wig attached will slightly shorten its life span because of the force exerted on the hair strands during the night.


    Ans: The lifespan of a wig for bald head can range anywhere between a month and a year. Its lifespan depends on the material opted for, your maintenance routine, and frequency of wear.


    Additionally, the lifespan of the bald head wig also depends on how it’s being used. Ask your supplier about lifespan after you have decided on the hair system material and features.


    Yes, you can use a hat over your bald head wig. But why do that when you already have glorious hair on your head? Bald head wigs are the best hair system options when it comes to tackling temporary as well as permanent hair loss. That’s because they offer realistic looks and do not fall off. Additionally, a bald hair wig (also known as a hair patch for men) restores confidence lost due to hair loss.