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    Reason for Pattern Baldness

    People lose hair for reasons ranging from nutrition to medication to genetics, but the most common reason for hair loss is known scientifically as androgenetic alopecia. This is what is commonly known as pattern baldness. Pattern baldness results from the combined effects originating in specific hormone levels, genetics, and age. The particular group of hormones primarily responsible for pattern baldness is called Androgens. Androgens primarily control male characteristics like beard growth, voice deepening, and increased muscle mass. You’ve probably heard of the primary androgen: testosterone. Testosterone is produced in both men and women, but men produce it in far larger quantities than women. For people of a certain genetic makeup, testosterone comes into contact with an enzyme in their hair follicles that causes testosterone to change into dihydrotestosterone, called DHT for short. DHT is a very powerful androgen that binds to receptors in hair follicles, causing a change in cell activity. This change in cell activity causes hair follicles in certain areas to shrink over time, making the life cycle of any individual hair shorter and shorter until the hair eventually falls out without growing back at all.



    Despite the popular myth involving the hair of your mother’s father, pattern baldness can be inherited from males or females on either side of the family. The susceptibility to pattern baldness increases with age but is experience by all post-pubescent age groups. About thirty percent of white men see the effects of pattern baldness by age thirty, and half see them by age fifty. Although men and women both experience pattern baldness, men usually see it in the recession of their front hairline whereas women see it as a thinning in the top of their scalp. If you are one of the many people experiencing pattern baldness, we have a solution for you. Lordhair offers high-quality, low-cost hair systems that can restore you to your prior look.