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    Production Time

    Lordhair understands that production time is a major concern of clients. Each needs their order on time. We understand the worry about that awkward situation that could arise if there is no spare hair system on hand and the old hair system is worn out. This situation is worsened if, while waiting for the new hair system to come, the client has nothing to wear.


    Our clients deserve to have the highest quality hair system available. The regular production time is about 6-8 weeks for each hairpiece to achieve this level of quality. We also understand that there are circumstances that do require a rush. The rush production time is about 4-5 weeks and, in rare situations, we can provide super rush production which takes about 3-4 weeks. For full cap hair systems, the production time will be 1-2 weeks more than a hairpiece. In addition, other factors affect the production time, such as: silk mono top injected lace, heavy density, long hair, small curl size, blended hair color, etc. Generally, most of the hair systems can be completed within the time range specified. Once completed, a quality inspection is performed. There are rare occasions when a hair system requires some adjustment, which will require some additional time.


    Lordhair has systems in place which ensure short production times. We monitor each order and check the status about 1 week before the scheduled completion date. Orders placed before the Chinese New Year Festival (late February, 2015), are delayed for about 2 weeks because the factory is closed during the holiday. We do try our best to catch up and deliver the hair systems as quickly as possible.


    If you have any further questions, please feel free to email:support@lordhair.com