The Most Popular Summer Hair Wigs for Men in the Market


In the wake of the arrival of June, the weather is increasingly getting hot in the north hemisphere of the world. So it would not be that early to get yourself ready for the summer things you typically enjoy doing, such as travelling around, having fun at the beaches and doing many kinds of outdoor sports with your buds. While looking forward to those things in excitement, have you ever wondered what kind of men’s hairpieces would make your summer a perfect one? Actually there are some particular hair wigs for men at Lordhair that are widely recognized as best summer options among our customers for various reasons. Today would be a great time for us to unveil them for you before you decide on which one to finally go for!



Just as powerful as its name suggests, the Champion men’s hairpiece never ceased to dominate the global hair system market in the summer months holding vast amount of recognitions from thousands of followers all over the world. The reasons are no complicated to understand at all.  As a French lace hair piece, its base practically outperforms other types of  base design in terms of breathability and comfort in ways that are hard to match. The base of this hair wig for men is solely made of a nicely woven material called French lace that feels extraordinarily soft and silky, giving your scalp that exceptional comfortable feeling. What further makes it stand out in the summer season comes down to how much extend to which it allows your scalp to breathe with its thousands of small holes throughout the base. So with this French lace hair wig on, you will basically feel as if there was nothing on your head no matter how much you sweat and how scorching the weather gets. Speaking of how natural-looking it appears, this men’s hair wig would not fail anyone either in the sense that the front area has got all the knots bleached presenting a knotless front hairline that can go with any hairstyle while looking completely undetectable. One more thing to note is that the Champion hairpiece is available in a wide range of colors and gray hair percentages to perfectly meet the needs of hair system wearers differing in aesthetic taste and age range.




Interested in knowing our customers’ feedback on this men’s hair piece? Check out the video below in which Chris shares on the ways his life has been changed by our French lace hair system!




As our newly released full lace men’s hair system in 2021, Ace managed to explode in popularity in no time among Lordhair hair system wearers! And how it went popular at Lordhair highly resonate with many people who adore our Champion hair wig as both items share a number of similarities. For one, its base is also solely made of woven lace material as well to guarantee that unparalleled level of breathability in the summer. So it would serve you really well if you are dreaming about doing sports in the hot days with a hair wig on that leaves your scalp feeling the full extent of comfort free of stuffiness. However, this summer hair wig has a different type of lace material called Dura lace that is slightly stronger and harder. So that accounts for why this full lace hair wig has a longer lifespan, even though its base reasonably does not feel as soft and silky as the base of the Champion hair system. When it comes to how realistic it appears, you would not be any less impressed at all with its fully bleached front presenting a completely undetectable look. With its 100% real human hair of top class, you wouldn’t want to wait to put on this hairpiece before witnessing the rejuvenated look you have been dreaming of!





With the base fully made of woven material that allows your scalp to freely breathe, the Icon hair system for men never fails to rank among the favorite options for summer wear at Lordhair.

Unlike the above summer hair wigs mentioned, the base of the Icon men’s hair system is instead made of a specially woven material called super fine welded mono. In addition to feeling as almost breathable as lace material does, the super fine welded mono base largely outperforms full lace hair systems in the durability regard given how much stronger and more solid it turns out to be. That is exactly why it can last for a very significant amount of time without any quality issues. So this hairpiece for men is considered the best pick for those who place a great deal of emphasis on the lifespan of their hair wigs. To step up its realism level, the front part got fully bleached as well, ending up with that undetectable knotless appearance complemented with its 100% real human hair. So people would be unlikely to notice you are wearing a hairpiece looking from any angle!





Given the UTS is a full skin hair system for men, you might be puzzled over why it manages to make the list of recommended hair wigs for summer wear. Actually there are things that well underlie the causality.

As many of us might know that bases made of skin material feel way not as breathable as woven materials such as skin and mono, the UTS ultra-thin skin men’s hairpiece still never loses its popularity in the summer months, mostly owing to its widely recognized comfort level. Being only 0.03mm thin, the base of this hair system is too thin to actually make you feel anything when you put it on. So your scalp would tend not to sweat  a lot even in the most scorching days when covered by such thin skin base. Apart from how excellent it is in the comfort aspect, its realism has actually been what distinguishes this men’s hair system from others. With knotless V-looped hair throughout the base, you can’t imagine how undetectable your scalp would appear in it. That is predominately what accounts for why it consistently remains our all-season best seller!




That concludes our list of the best hair systems for summer wear that might be helpful to you. Aside from choosing the right hairpiece, how you go with it remains no less significant if you are aiming to get the best of your purchases. Here is what will be helpful and informative to you as well if you are interested in reading more!



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