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    Hair System Tape Selection Guide: Popular Tapes, Attachment Tips, and More

    So, you've taken the plunge to buy a toupee wig. That’s really great! But hold on, everything is not done yet. Securing your newfound confidence-booster is just as crucial. And that's where hair system tapes come into play. But with so many options out there, how do you choose the right one? Fear not, we've got you covered!

    In this blog, Lordhair will share an ultimate guide to selecting the perfect tape for your hair system. If you prefer a visual walkthrough, make sure to check out the video below.

    For those who prefer reading, keep scrolling! We’ve incorporated insights from our video guide and supplemented them with additional information for a more understanding.

    Why Buying the Right Toupee Tape Matters?

    Although selecting the right toupee tape may seem like a small detail, it can really make a world difference in your hair system experience. Here’s why choosing accurate tape for your hair system is pivotal for ensuring seamless and confident wear:

    Secure hold: Our first reason is that it provides a strong and reliable hold. Imagine going to the market and feeling that your hair system is not as strongly put up as it should be. This might make you feel uneasy. The right toupee tape will keep your non-surgical unit in place and do away with the fear of it shifting or coming loose.

    Comfortable Wear: Opting for the right tape provides a comfortable and irritation-free experience. It makes you forget you're even wearing a hair system!

    Natural Look: Proper hair system tape selection contributes to a natural-looking hairline and seamless blending with your natural hair. It improves your overall appearance and boosts confidence.

    Longevity: Yes, it’s true! Using the right toupee tape also helps prolong the lifespan of your hair unit. How, you ask? Well, it prevents premature wear and tear of a hair system. Thus, saving you time and money in the long run.

    Easy Removal: Choosing the correct tape makes the removal process hassle-free. It also minimises the risk of damaging your hair system or causing discomfort to your scalp.

    toupee attachment guide

    Which are the Best Tapes to Buy for Securing a Hair System?

    When it comes to securing hair replacement units, the following tapes are highly recommended for their reliability and effectiveness:

    1 Extenda-Bond Plus hair toupee tape

    Lordhair’s Extenda-Bond Plus hair toupee tape is a top choice, especially for those living in warmer regions. Its breathable design with aerated holes ensures comfort even during sweaty conditions. Lasting between 3 to 4 weeks per application, it offers extended wear with ease.

    With a semi-dull finish and skin-safe properties, Extenda-Bond Plus tape suits various hair systems. It provides a strong hold while being gentle on the skin.

    toupee attachment guide

    2 Lace Front Support hair system tape (CC contour)

    Another stock toupee securing solution, Lace Front Support Tape CC Contour is a clear double-sided tape designed specifically for lace systems. It offers a strong hold that can last up to 4 weeks. Its unique U or CC shape contours perfectly to rounded shapes, ensuring a secure fit.

    Lace Front Support toupee tape provides reliable adhesion for extended wear. This makes it a preferred choice for many users!

    Select toupee tape

    3 Lace Front Support toupee tape (A-front contour)

    Next up on our list is Lace Front Support tape. This adhesive solution from Lordhair is a clear double-sided tape. Again, designed for lace systems, it offers a grip that can last up to 4 weeks (like previously mentioned tapes). With its low shine and A-contour shape, it seamlessly blends with various hairlines for a natural look.

    Ideal for hotter weather conditions, Lace Front Support toupee tape withstands sweat and ensures durability. Doubling up on this tape will improve its strength, providing extra security during hot weather.

    Make sure to check out these resources as well:

    How to reapply front tape on your hair system

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    4 Supertape C contour for hair systems

    Supertape is another reliable option, offering durability for up to a month. Clear and odourless, it's easy to clean post-removal. While not as resistant to heat as some alternatives, it still provides a strong hold without being overpowering.

    Its C-contour shape is commonly used on the sides and back of the hair system and toupees. This feature makes Supertape versatile!

    toupee attachment guide

    5 Sunshine toupee tape

    Sunshine tape comes in rolls and proves excellent grip, particularly in cooler weather like winter or fall. Although not stocked by us, it offers impressive longevity. It often lasts up to 3 weeks. Easy to remove with a thorough cleanup, it's especially beneficial for thin skin systems. It leaves a phenomenal finish.

    Despite not being part of our inventory, Sunshine toupee tape performance and ease of use make it a standout option.

    6 Walker’s No-Shine Bonding tape roll

    How could we not tell you about the Walker No-Shine bonding tape roll? This adhesive tape is simply exceptional! It offers a matte finish for a more realistic look. Its thin design allows for seamless application, blending effortlessly with your hair system. Despite its initial thickness, the tape condenses over time as it warms up, ensuring a smooth transition from skin to non-surgical toupee.

    Known for having a hold time ranging from 3 to 5 weeks, Walker’s no-shine bonding tape roll is waterproof and hypoallergenic. These features make it suitable for all hair systems and skin types.

    toupee attachment guide

    What’s Best Summer Hair System Tape Application Technique?

    In warmer weather, we advocate leaving gaps between the applied toupee tapes to facilitate sweat evaporation. By allowing approximately a quarter of an inch between each tape, you can prevent accumulation and discomfort often experienced in hot and humid conditions.

    While it's crucial to apply fully around the hairline, leaving space around the rest of the hair system facilitates breathability and prevents irritation. You can also put a few tapes down the center of your hair toupee during summer.

    What’s Best Winter Hair System Tape Application Technique?

    Talking about colder months, Lordhair’s recommended tape application technique is to minimize the gap between tapes. Why, you ask? That’s because, in cooler weather conditions, tapes are less prone to lifting. Meaning, they allow for longer wear time. By applying tape all around with minimal spacing, hair system wearers can maximize the longevity of their hair recovery units.

    This approach ensures extended durability, reducing men’s toupee reapplication frequency during winter season.

    Buying Hair Toupee Tape in 2024: Final Words

    There we go!

    We've covered the best tapes for securing your hair system or toupee in 2024. While Lordhair touched on some key points here, we highly recommend watching the complete video for a more in-depth understanding!

    Remember, selecting the right tape is crucial for a secure and comfortable wear experience. Whether it's for summer or winter, understanding the best application techniques ensures optimal performance and longevity of your hair system.

    So, sit back, relax, and let our expertise guide you toward your perfect tape selection. Got any queries to ask? Contact us today and have them answered by our toupee experts.