Hi there,

We are always very appreciative of the positive feedback that you give us about our hair systems and service. That said, we would really love to see the transformative effects that our hair systems can have for ourselves and that is why we are offering you the chance to take part in the following opportunity.


We will give you:


A $100 coupon code if you send us your before and after photos


    1. The photos should be high resolution and no smaller than 700 x 900 pixels
    2. They should be taken from above the chest and from all angles i.e. front, back, top and sides
    3. If your before photos are of you with your own hair, then even better




A free hair system if you send us your before and after photos and a video of yourself in your hair system


The video should be shot in a landscape view, at least two minutes in length and you should talk about the following:

    1. How you found out about us and what made you decide to wear our hair systems
    2. Your evaluation of the hair system
    3. Talk about the front hairline or anything else that you think looks particularly good
    4. How you attach and maintain your hair system
    5. What you think about our customer service
    6. The best thing about Lordhair
    7. Whether you would recommend Lordhair to other people and if so, why?
    8. Anything else you would like to say about your hair system or us
    9. The video should be


We will then send you a free hair system. This can be the same as your last order or a different one providing its cost is the same as or lower than your most recent order.


You can click on the below links to get an idea of what other customers have previously shared with us.




Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see your photos and videos soon.

If you are interested in this, please feel free to contact us.

Phone: +86-532-80828255
Skype: lordhair1


We will put the pictures and video on our website. Participating in this promotion means you agree to the use of your pictures and videos on our website and for legal commercial advertising on other websites

(Our company (Lordhair Co., Ltd) reserves the right for final decision).