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    5 Mesh Integration Hair Systems Worth Buying in 2024

    Facing hair thinning around the crown? Is your part becoming more prominent with each passing month? Are you struggling to style your hair due to hair fall? Don’t worry, our range of mesh integration hair systems can help with fast recovery!

    Lordhair created this blog to help women discover the most popular mesh integration hair systems in our catalogue. For those who have visited our website for the first time, Lordhair is globally trusted for hair integration systems and wigs for women that are designed using real hair and skin friendly materials.

    Let’s start with our list of the top 5 stock and custom mesh hair integration systems worth buying in 2024.


    Mesh Integration Hair Systems for 2024

    Below are the top 5 mesh integration hair systems we recommend for a safe hair loss recovery:

    Laura Hair Integration Wig for Women

    Let’s kick off our list of mesh integration hair systems with one of our top-selling women hair systems. Laura wig has large-holed and small-holed fishnet material which makes it a perfect pick for women with hair loss all over the crown area. This free-style mesh hair integration system that brings 100% Indian human hair helps women add volume as well as hair length to the very top of their heads.

    Available in multiple colours, Laura hair integration system is semi-permanent which means once it's installed, you can wear it to the bed or bath for several months without removal. After uninstalling this mesh hair integration system, give it a deep clean as recommended and reuse it like before! Visit the product page for pricing details.

    Ruby Hair Integration System for Girls

    Want your mesh hair integration system with Remy human hair? Ruby hair integration system from Lordhair will be perfect for you. Available in black, brown and blonde, this hair unit brings 2 length options (10” and 12”). The base of the Ruby hair integration wig is constructed using a PE line with a PU front.

    Ruby hair integration system is specially designed for women with thinning hair. How does this hair unit work? Well, like most integration hair wigs! Simply pull your hair through the net holes to get a fuller and natural look. Available in medium light to medium density, this semi-permanent hair system can be installed at home or during your monthly visit to the salon.

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    T562 Hair Integration System

    Ready to experience something new and fresh? Our T562 hair integration system has braided polyester lines with different hole sizes in different areas. Women can fully customise the hole size on the front and back of this unit. The big hole net enables women to pull more hair through it to get a natural and beautiful look.

    A wig that brings blonde remy human hair, T562 hair integration system net holes can be customised according to your hair volume goals. 1/2" x 1/2", 3/4" x 3/4" or 1" x 1" all over or different hole sizes in different areas are the most popular options.

    Amelia Hair Integration System

    One of our most durable and comfortable hair integration systems for crown thinning, the Amelia wig is made using 100% Indian human hair. This hair integration system brings a base size of 5.5” x 6”, and comes in natural straight hair. You can curl the hair as per their needs though!

    This hair integration system comes in multiple shades of black, brown, and blonde. Amelia hair integration system has a topper which is appropriate for women with hair loss at the top of the head. We recommend buying a full-cap wig if your hair loss is extreme.

    Daria Hair Integration Unit

    Our list of top hair integration systems for 2024 will be incomplete without talking about the Daria hair integration system for women. While the base is designed using a silk top and PE line, 100% Indian human hair has been used to give the wearer a natural look. This mesh integration hair system is perfect for women who have hair loss at the crown.

    The hair used in this hair integration system works perfectly for Caucasian women as it is not too thick. Hair length is available in 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, and 20” options with 3 colour options and multiple shares. Realistic, undetectable, and comfortable to wear, Daria hair integration system is helping a lot of women get their lost confidence back.


    Best Hair Integration Systems for Women


    Above are the top 5 mesh hair integration systems from Lordhair’s catalogue. Before making a purchase, make sure to keep your unique hair goals in mind. Our catalogue of women wigs have many other hair integration gems. Make sure you check them as well if these don’t meet your expectations.

    Got any queries to ask? Drop them in the comments or contact us today to get them answered by our hair experts.