Custom Men's Frontal Hairpiece

End your receding front hairline with a personalized solution thanks to our custom frontal units for men.

Frontal units or frontal hairpieces differ from regular hair systems in that they are designed to be worn on the very front of your head. That means you will only need to shave the front part of your head and not the whole of the top of your head. Our men's frontal hairpieces typically measure 6” x 0.5” , 1” or 1.5" but we will customize your frontal hairpiece just the way you want it to give you that perfect front hairline.

We can customize frontal units out of lace, thin skin or poly – whatever best suits your needs. Check out some examples of the custom frontal units we can make below and look forward to styling your hair in a way you are unable to at the moment.

Custom Frontal UnitsCustom Frontal Units