Add Clips Service


Add Clips Service

Our Add Clips Service makes it easier and faster to wear your hair syste, and remove it each day at night. It can last longer as you do not need to put glue or tape on it, and there is no need to shave any hairs to accomodate it.



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If you need to add clips to your hair topper, and you've found the perfect base, but you don't want to use tape or glue, or you're still worried that you don't know how to add clips,

Lordhair's Add Clips service is for you!

The Add Clips Service needs 2-3 working days to be done.

With the Add Clips Service, you can choose any ready-to-wear hair accessory, and select the point where you want to add the clip. You can send your needs by e-mail to customer service:

And you'll receive a ready-to-wear, no-cut-needed hair system right away.

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