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Quick Connect

    Send in base templates & hair samples

    Sending in a template enables us to fit the hair system to you perfectly and to replace hair in the necessary areas. A correct template is a must to ensure your hair replacement is totally undetectable and fits comfortably. A real hair sample enables us to dye and match your own hair color accurately. Curvature of the scalp and hair color are very hard to describe with words or images, so we strongly recommend customers send in a template and hair sample for our reference.


    1. A template is a mold which reflects an individual’s head details. These details include the size, shape of the balding area and the curvature of the scalp etc.


    Every hair system should fit perfectly and this can only be achieved by making a mold of the individual's scalp. Hence, it is of high importance when you place an online order with us for a customized hair replacement system.

    A template can be made using several methods, such as a tape template or a gypsum template. We provide instructions in the how to section.


    2. Taking hair samples from certain areas of your scalp ensures we are able to integrate the hair system to your natural hair in every way.


    3. Send us the Order Form together with the template and hair samples. Please contact your customer service rep or support@lordhair.com to get our address and detailed instructions for sending your package


    After receiving your template, we examine the template measurements, curvature and balding pattern. We keep all of your details on file, making future orders easy. Then all you need to do is click the “Reorder” button.