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    8 Premium Lace Wigs and Lace Front Wigs to Buy in 2022

    Lordhair’s full lace and lace front wigs are used globally to conceal hair loss. In comparison to traditional hair units, they are more breathable and comfortable, keeping the scalp cool and sweat-free for long periods. 

    A lot of men and women, especially those who are new to the world of hair wigs, find it hard to figure out which premium lace wigs will work best for them as there are so many options, styles, and variations available in our catalog. That’s why we have decided to help out!    

    In this blog, Lordhair - a globally trusted brand for women's and men’s hairpieces - will share a list of the premium full lace and lace front wigs worth buying in 2022. Not only are these hair wigs breathable, durable, and comfortable, but they are also perfect for men and women who are in love with an all-natural look. 

    Since some of you might be in a hurry to learn about premium lace wigs and hairpieces for men and women, here’s an FAQ version of the blog:


    Which are the best premium lace wigs for men? 


    The following are the best premium full lace and lace front wigs for men:


    • Champion lace wig
    • Neo lace wig
    • Quantum lace wig
    • Champion Premier lace wig

    Which are the best premium lace hair wigs for women? 


    The following are the best premium lace wigs for women: 


    • Jessica lace wig
    • Bella lace wig
    • Ariel lace wig
    • Melody lace wig


    How much time will a premium lace wig take to reach my doorstep?


    The stock model of a premium lace toupee or wig will reach your doorstep in around seven working days after shipment.

    Now that we are done with the TL;DR version of this blog, let’s discuss the best premium full lace and lace front wigs for men in detail! 


    What Are the Best Premium Lace Wigs for Men?


    Here are some amazing premium men's lace wigs available in our catalog: 


    #1 Champion: Premium Lace Wig 


    The specifications of the Champion lace wig are just its name - Champion! It has an 8” x 10” full French soft lace base that is breathable and comfortable. Thanks to reinforced stitching lines, the shape and contour of the premium hair wig will stay authentic for a long time and also add extra durability. 

    Getting a hyper-realistic look is not an issue with the Champion premium lace wig for men. It has human hair strands (any gray hair you choose will be synthetic) that feel and move just like real hair. With a medium-light hair density, bleached knots at the front provide the look of hair coming right out of the scalp. 

    The base size of Champion can be cut smaller prior to shipment using the Lordhair base cutting service. The final price of this premium lace wig may vary depending on any services you choose.  


    premium lace wigs


    #2 Neo: Premium Lace Front Wig


    The Neo premium lace front wig for men, as the name suggests, has an 8” x 10” high-quality base made up of French lace at the front and top. For the remaining area, Lordhair has used a thin skin perimeter. The French lace makes the base lightweight, breathable, and airy while thin skin makes it easy to attach and clean. 

    Talking about hair, the Neo premium lace front wig has 5” long Indian human hair with an A-shape front contour. It looks really natural and can be styled using heat styling tools like real scalp hair. We have also used bleached knots at the front meaning that no one will be able to tell that you are wearing a non-surgical hair replacement system.

    The Neo premium lace front hair wig will be shipped immediately after payment. Men can expect it to reach their doorsteps in around seven working days.


    premium lace wigs


    #3 Quantum: Premium French Lace Wig 


    One of our best-selling premium French lace wigs, Quantum is a perfect choice for men who want to conceal hair loss while staying in front of the hairstyling game. With a standard CC front contour, it has 100% human hair (gray is synthetic) that looks hyper-realistic and offers you the versatility of changing your style from time to time. The graduated, bleached knot hairline gives a natural hairline. 

    Quantum is known to have similar specifications to Neo when it comes to the base design - premium French lace on top and front with transparent thin skin on the sides and back. Although the base size of this premium lace hair wig is 8” x 10”, Neo is also available in other base sizes. 

    Lordhair also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on hair wigs that have not been cut, styled, washed, or worn! 


    Browse premium wigs for alopecia in our extensive collection


    #4 Champion Premier: Men’s Premium Lace Wig 


    Looking for a premium full French lace hair wig that is airy and comfortable? The Champion Premier hair unit is made for you! It has an 8” x 10” full French lace base that is very breathable and has a light, delicate feel to it. The stitching lines that we have added to the Champion Premier hair wig for men increase durability and reinforce its shape. 

    The name says it all and men can be assured of getting a completely natural look when using our Champion Premier. That’s because it has 5-inch long human Remy hair with medium-light density. The roots of the hair all point in the same direction which is the reason why hair has a better feel and look to it. 


    Men can expect to receive the stock Champion Premier premium lace hair wig in around seven business days.


    premium lace front wigs


    Which Are the Best Premium Lace Wigs for Women?


    Now that we have told men about the best premium lace wigs in our catalog, let’s discuss the best full lace and lace front units for women. Here are some amazing women’s premium hair units available in our catalog: 


    #1 Jessica: Premium Lace Hair Wig


    A highly popular premium lace hair wig among women who use hair units on a semi-permanent basis. Jessica has a 7” x 9” base constructed using Swiss lace with PU thin skin on the sides and back. The Swiss lace blends better with skin to deliver a more realistic appearance. It makes the Jessica premium lace hair wig soft to touch and allows the scalp to breathe abundantly. 

    PU thin skin, on the other hand, mimics the appearance of skin and makes it easy for women to clean and attach the hair wig. Our Jessica hair wig comes with straight Indian Remy human hair that is thick, soft, and natural-looking. Women can easily style them using straighteners, a curling rod, or a hairdryer. 

    The availability of Jessica hair wig in multiple hair lengths and colors makes it a perfect premium lace hair wig for women. 


     premium lace wigs


    #2 Bella: Premium Lace Front Wig


    As a premium lace front hair recovery and styling solution, the Bella hair wig has gained a lot of fame in a very short period of time. It has lace - comfortable, lightweight, and long-lasting material - at the front, sides, and back. The Bella lace hair wig for women also has a stretchable, soft mesh with clips that keep the scalp cool during hot days and make attachment and removal easy. 

    Lordhair has used 100% Chinese Remy hair in the Bella wig that looks hyper-realistic and has life-like movement and appeal. Hair length and density won’t be an issue since this premium lace hair wig for women has several options to choose from. 

    Available in a dark chocolate hair color, shipment of the Bella hair wig takes place within 7 days. Need something for partial hair loss? Check out these partial hairpieces.


    premium wigs


    #3 Ariel: Women’s Premium Lace Hair Wig


    Another premium lace hair wig for women present in the Lordhair catalog, Ariel has one of the most innovative and practical base designs spoken of in the global hair wig industry. It has been designed using the combination of a mono top and French lace front. The mono material used on top makes the Ariel hair wig durable, versatile, and long-lasting. French lace at the front, on the other hand, makes it breathable and helps achieve an ultra-real frontal hairline.

    We have also included stretch mesh in the Ariel premium lace front wig so that women can easily adjust it to their own scalp size for a secure fit. Speaking of how natural-looking this wig looks, it is made using 100% Chinese Virgin hair. It not only feels silky but also super realistic. 

    The stock unit of Ariel can be purchased for US$998. 


    Check out how Kelly felt after wearing a premium lace hair wig from Lordhair:


    #4 Melody: Premium Lace Front Wig


    Women suffering from hair loss, especially on the top and front should definitely consider our Melody premium lace hair wig. The top area of its base is made using durable and breathable woven material called mono. However, the front area comprises French lace which presents an undetectable front hairline as if the hair is directly coming out of the scalp. 

    Securing the wig is not an issue with the Melody hair wig. We have used stretch mesh and a few anti-slip silicon straps on the mono top that allow the premium lace hair wig to securely and firmly stay on the head without any unwanted movements. Melody wig comes with 14 inches of long human Virgin hair with a center parting and is available in several hair colors. 


    premium lace front wigs


    Shop Premium Lace Wigs with Lordhair


    Above are the best premium lace wigs for men and women. Now that you know some of the finest options present in our catalog, we hope you can choose a premium full lace or lace front wig that best serves your requirements. Keep in mind that it is all about what is perfect for you and what makes you feel comfortable and happy when wearing it. 

    Didn’t find the premium lace wig of your dreams? Browse our complete catalog of hair wigs for men and women. Also, check out our hair integration systems for more options. 


    Got any queries to ask? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair wig experts.


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