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    5 Wigs for Summer Heat of 2024: Men’s Edition

    Summer 2024 has arrived! For a lot of men, it means unwinding by the pool, having fun at the beach, late night parties, and plenty of beer. However, summer also brings its share of challenges for men who wear wigs (also known as hairpieces, toupees, hair systems, and hair units) to overcome baldness and hair thinning.

    That’s why choosing the right human hair wig in summer becomes very crucial, especially for men who are buying one for the first time. Since buying a wrong human hair wig can make your scalp feel hot and sweaty, we decided to lend you a helping hand.

    In this blog, Lordhair - a trusted supplier of toupees - presents the collection of summer friendly human hair wigs. Wearing these human hair wigs in 2024 will not only make your scalp feel cool, lightweight and comfortable but also deliver the most realistic look.

    Let’s talk about the best summer human hair wigs for men!

    Neo: Men’s Summer Human Hair Wig

    If the Award for the Best Summer Hair Wig is ever announced, Neo wig will bag it. A popular human hair wig in our collection, this summer wig has a flesh-color base design that amalgamates french lace and thin skin. The french lace on the top and at the front makes it breathable while wearing and also offers a most natural look.

    Thin skin perimeter, on the other hand, provides a delicate, airy, and lightweight touch. As far as realism is concerned, the Neo wig for men comes with 30mm wavy human hair that looks and behaves just like real scalp hair. This cool human hair wig for summer has an A-front contour and is made up of 100% Indian human hair.

    What’s more? This cool summer wig is available in different base sizes and colors, making it perfect for almost every individual.

    wigs for summer heat

    Champion: Summer Hair Wig

    As the name suggests, this summer hairpiece is nothing less than a summer champion. It has an 8" x 10" base that was built using a french lace with stitching lines to add an extra layer of durability. The material used to construct this summer human hair wig is highly permeable, light in weight and comfortable. This means males don’t need to worry about sweat and itchiness while enjoying outdoor activities during hot summer.

    We have added ultra premium real hair strands to this summer human hair wig so that you can style hair in any desirable direction. Bleach knots at the front (not available with colors #1, #1A, #7, #7ASH, #18, #22 though) give men the appearance of hair growing from the scalp. The Champion toupee can be yours for just US$299.

    Note: While this cool summer wig is made up of 100% Indian human hair, the gray hair strands present in a few shades are synthetic hair.

    wigs for summer heat

    Quanta: Men’s Summer Human Hair Wig

    Men who are looking to indulge in some water fun under the hot summer sun should definitely opt for this summer human hair wig. The Quanta men's wig is made up of french lace on top and front along with transparent thin skin on sides and back. The combination of material used to construct this summer human hair wig makes it the most durable, extra comfy and breathable while wearing.

    Want a natural hair look? No problem! The Quanta summer wig for men comes with a flesh color base material that allows the individuals to create the illusion of hair growing directly from the scalp. Easy to remove and wash, this human hair wig comes with hair length of 5”-6” and is made up of 100% human hair (gray hair is synthetic) that is constructed in a medium-light hair density.

    wigs for summer heat

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    UTS 2.0: Summer Human Hair Wig for Men

    Definitely one of the best human hair wigs for men to buy in the summer of 2024. The UTS 2.0 male wig is constructed with the thinnest base material in the market i.e .02mm. Also known as No Base hair system, it is meticulously crafted to be 10x thinner than the outer layer of real human skin, creating a natural and seamless blend with scalp for a supremely natural and undetectable look. The base size of this summer toupee is 8” x 10” and comes with slight waves of 30mm that allows the individuals to style the hair in whichever direction they want.

    The UTS 2.0 summer human hair wig has 5”- 6” inches of long human hair with medium-light hair density. All features of this hair system can be customized using Lordhair's customization services.

    best wigs for hot weather

    Neo Premier: Summer Human Hair Wig for Men

    Yes, you heard it right! The Neo Premier summer human hair wig is the upgraded version of Neo male hair unit. Just like its sibling, it also has a base constructed of french lace in the front and top with thin skin on the sides. Little different in the base size as compared to Neo male hair unit, the Neo Premier hair system has a 7” x 9” flesh color base made using french lace - a soft and breathable material.

    What makes the Neo Premier hair wig for men different is the presence of premium-quality hair known as Remy hair (gray is synthetic). It is way silkier, more tangle-free, manageable, and longer-lasting than normal human hair. You can buy the stock model of this cool wig for US$419, ready for summer 2024.

    best wigs for hot weather

    Shop Human Hair Wigs for Summer

    Lordhair’s collection of hair wigs and toupees is a great option for guys to keep their heads cool in summer 2024. In addition to that, they also work well for people that have thinning at parting or hair loss on the crown. Our cool wigs will provide substantially more hair volume and coverage while making your scalp comfortable and airy in the hot weather.

    Got any queries to ask? Send them to support@lordhair.com and have them answered by our hair wig experts.